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And The Winner Of The New Raffle Is...............


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Mar 27, 2002
Dave, I'll just leave it up to you to put my name here. Ok?

P.S. Sorry for spooking everyone, I really want to know who wins it.

As noted in the other thread - the winners are:

Edward of Tennessee and C W of Florida. They have both been notified via e-mail and have 14 days to respond. In the event that they do not come forward there will be a second chance drawing.

Thanks for entering everyone and when you see the next raffle item it is going to blow your socks off!
The winners screen names are Edward K and iceman. They have both come forward and claimed their prizes. ;D
Congrats Edward K and Iceman
Thanks everyone!!! I really appreciate it and I WILL ENJOY ;D ;D ;D
Can't wait for the next one.