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And The Winner Of The Spring Raffle Is...


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I've just had the pleasure of sending of an e-mail to Mr. Guy Thomas of Texas to let him know that he is the winner of the Chevy Avalanche Fan Club of North America Spring Raffle. ;D ;D ;D

Guy has won a brand new Cadillac Escalade instrument cluster shipped to his address and a $50 check to cover expenses of changing out the odometer. All he has to do is put it in. :love:

Thanks to those of you who participated in the raffle. The next raffle will start on Tuesday next week.
Congrats Mr. Guy Thomas............Darn I wanted to win...Oh yea.....I did'nt buy a ticket! It is probably smarter to own a Avalanche first. Hey chief if a canuck wins the draw, is there any problems sending the prize to Canada?
Hey wait a minute! My name is not Guy..you must of read the winning ticket wrong :cry: JK

Congratulations Guy (you lucky dog) :D
As stated in the rules - people outside of the lower 48 have to pay shipping and meet any applicable local, state, and federal laws...
That's awesome!! I just talked to him the other day. We're trying to get some switches hooked up on his ride. He's going to love it!! Congrats Guy!
Congrats Mr. Guy Thomas, lucky guy, enjoy it. ;D

BTW, Chief, last I knew, Texas was one of the "lower" 48 :rolleyes:
;DThank you all! I think I am glowing. :love:

Hey Chief,
I tried to reply to yours and the webmaster ID, but got it kicked back with the below errors. I sent an personal message on the site to you with the info you requested.

Thank you very much for the notice and the raffle,


The original message was received at Fri, 14 Jun 2002 07:48:56 -0500 (CDT)
from tximail.bankofamerica.com []

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
(reason: 550 5.7.1 <webmaster@chevyavalanchefanclub.com>... SMTP relay denied, authenticate via POP/IMAP first)

----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to chevyavalanchefanclub.com.:
>>> RCPT To:<webmaster@chevyavalanchefanclub.com> NOTIFY=FAILURE,DELAY ORCPT=rfc822;webmaster@chevyavalanchefanclub.com
<<< 550 5.7.1 <webmaster@chevyavalanchefanclub.com>... SMTP relay denied, authenticate via POP/IMAP first
550 5.1.1 <webmaster@chevyavalanchefanclub.com>... User unknown
Sigh - the DNS isn't resolved where ever the mail went to in cyberspace (and bounced off of Earthlink to boot).

I got your IM - and will start working on getting your stuff out!
Congratulations Guy . . .

That's an easy mod that definitely will add to the uniqueness of your truck!
Congratulations, happy for you, sad for me. Oh well, let us know how the install goes and how you like it for those of us still considering it. Enjoy!!
Better join the next raffle cause the chances are getting slimmer with 1069 members as of 6/14/02 (and growing)!