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And You Know What Else I Love...?


SM 2003
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Nov 22, 2002
Raleigh, NC
...The rubberized vinyl floor mats. I've never bought aftermarket floor mats, and with the ones that come with the Z-71 package I don't need to. These things actually seem to suck stuff off the bottom of my shoes and hold onto it until it's time to clean.
Oh, and the airplane style redirectable reading lights. Yeah, I love those, too.
I like the three cigarette lighter feeds. ?I use one for a bendible goose-neck task light. ?I can drive and still have a little light down low without glare. ?Cost 4$ at Auto-Zone and really worth it.
I love the hieght of the truck, the ride, the color (Dark charcoal), the power (2500), the interior seating room, the rear storage space, well hell everything about it :) .
It would take me 10 pages to talk about all the things I love about my Av. I guess tops on the list is that it intimidates everyone else on the road. >:D

Oh, and the side saddle compartments are absolutely genious - I use them constantly, especially when camping!
I must use the midgate mor ethan the rest of you >:D because that little bit of technology owns (y) (y) (y)
...hard cargo covers. They're just so cool and I don't worry about anyone stealing something when the tailgate's locked. And they're so easy to remove.
mmmmm Hard Cargo Covers mmmmm
I really like the hard covers, and the locking tail gate. I especially like the waterproofness of it all....living in the "Great NorthWet" at the time made it worth it.

Also, on the '03 WBH versions, the part that I think that they SHOULD have put was the step in the rear bumper...
I love all the above mentioned features, Plus the DIC with the stering wheel controls. I can't keep my hands off of those buttons. Hope I don't wear it out.
As well as all of the above, I love the side pockets... man what a great idea.

Oh as well as the look (road presence) (y)
flynhigh said:
I must use the midgate mor ethan the rest of you >:D because that little bit of technology owns (y) (y) (y)

I'm with Flyn on this. I use my midgate often. The ability to have an eigth foot bed or seating for five adults with a 130" w/b is why I bought the Av over an extended cab, long box p/u.
I Love the xm radio and i really love my beer coolers err i mean side compartments >:D
My wife asked me a question this morning that I found to be rather difficult to answer so I thought I would throw it out there for everyone to answer.

"If you had to pick ONE thing you liked best about the Avalanche, what would it be?"

Remember, you have to pick only one and "everything" isn't an option. ;D

It's versitility ;)
? the motor. ?i have the 5.3liter. ?i have to say it is way better than the throttlebody 5.7liter i had in my '95 Tahoe. ?can't remember if i have ever driven a Vortec 5.7liter. ?but the one i had sucked. ?this technology is awesome. ?kudos to GM.