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Another New Guy


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Jul 24, 2002
Jackson, NJ
Just bought my Av about 2 weeks ago. Was looking at the Tahoe when I spotted it. I got the 1500 - Indigo Blue with Graphite Cloth interior.
This is one GREAT truck and a lot more truck for the money than the Tahoe.


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Good choice! Everyone these days seems to be driving a Yukon/Tahoe. Welcome to the world of uniqueness. Although more and more Avs are infiltrating my area :mad:

Welcome to the forum, you can find the answer to almost any question using the forum search. Nice pic, they really look nice brand new, take care of it.
I was looking at suburbans when I notice the AVY.....YEAH!

Welcome to the club...enjoy....search....ask away.....
It's interesting how many folks went in looking at a Tahoe, Sub, Silverado, etc . . . and ended up with an Av! ?I can't say that I was among them though - the Av was the only option on my shopping list that day!

Ohhh . . . BTW . . . welcome to the neighborhood!
I had a 1996 GMC K2500 Suburban and then a 1999 that was identical except for color. Went looking for a 2002 Suburban/Yukon XL and was priced out of the picture. Got into the AV 2500 and have been happy with it ever since. A lot more bang for the buck compared to the Suburban. Though I would miss the third seat, but it has not happened yet.
We went out looking to trade in a '97 K1500 pickup and our only options were the AV or the Silverado. We really wanted the AV but didn't know if it was possible, but we got a great deal and had the 0% financing and we got the Avalanche! No regrets either; it's been a great truck. ;D
Welcome to the club and CONGRATULATIONS on the purchase of your NEW AV, you have great taste in color, your AV is just as gorgeous as mine :love: :love: I have pics you can view mine.

Once again welcome and congrats :B: :B:

Miss AV :B:
Congrats Blue Thunder and welcome to the club. Your Av will thank you :love:, for there is much modding to learn here >:D. The search is a great tool, and also feel free to personal message members about specific questions, were all here for the same reason, the Av :love: