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Another silly ?...you mention 'cladded' and 'ambers'


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Mar 25, 2007
Winnipeg, Manitoba
what on earth do they mean? We got our Avalanche back today after hubbly had it put on the hoist to make sure all was okay after our wee stumble and it's clean of debris now and all is okay. He bought 3 aftermarket molded mud flaps and I don't much care for them but apparently the cost of the GM ones are way out there price-wise he says....bummer.
Simple searches help :)

Cladding - the plastic on the lower portion (and upper rear) of certain Avalanches.
Ambers - Amber DRL bulbs in place of the clear factory ones.
Sorry, you are right. Just trying to find my way around. I did a search and typed in Ambers and Cladding but still didn't really get the jist of what they were...my apologies, should have delved further... :needhug:
ambers are replacing your daytime running lights with amber bulbs and cladding refers to the plastic body panels around the bottom of the av
So is that like a Member thing to do? (replacing the DRL with Ambers) or is that the hot new sexy thing from the Paris fashion finest?

I want ambers
looks pretty sexy too if you ask me  >:D


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