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Any Advice?



Hi All,

My local dealer gave me an Avalanche to test drive for a couple of days. I am seriously considering buying one. The one I have now is a red Z71 4X4. I just wanted any input before I go back to the dealer. I am a loyal Chevy customer from Vettes down to my Silverado I am trading in. By the looks of your threads you are all quite happy with your choices. Anything you would do different?
If I could have swung a slightly better deal AND had a little more down, I'd have gotten one of the 4" lifted Avs with 33.5 rubber, chrome push and nerf bars and dual exhaust with chrome tips. However, those were an extra $5250 at my dealer.

Wish I had:

Electric folding mirrors
Luggage rack

Other than that, ILOVEIT.
of course, power folding mirrors are not an '02 option, '03 yes.

If I had been patient, I would have permitted my dealer to find a Z71 Av in the color I wanted, but I wasn't so I had to settle for a 4x4 in correct color and build back to the good things on the Z71, and in so doing spent more money than the Z71 option added. And still no locking rear diff. I also added the GM brush guard and side bars myself, usually doing so at item prices plus knuckle bashing is more expensive (in total) than simply ordering the option - but if they are gonna charge you full item price plus labor, diy.

Obviously at this point you can ensure that you are not buying an early build Av, and the roof rack install metal shavings problem is well documented around here.

I also would have gotten the 4.10 rear end if doing it again. And as for my sunroof, I actually use this one for some reason, unlike others I have had, so it was a good choice.

Would do it all again in a minute though - no second thoughts, absolutely none.
I love my choice - while I didn't get all the bells, I am happy with my truck.

If you want to go off road, ensure you get the Z71 - I have been off a few times and the dings in my skid plates more than likely saved me a few $'s.

T-Bone glad to have you in the club and getting an AV... it is a great truck - and I have alwasy been a car person. :B:
If a couple of days 'test drive' doesn't sell you on an Av, I don't know what will - that's probably a pretty good dealer strategy to sell Av's! Just pick according to what you want to do: off road - Z71, heavy towing - 2500, etc. You know . . . in a lot of ways you can't go wrong!

Loving my Pewter Z-71 - I'd buy the same truck all over again - though some of the 2003 options are enticing!
Only thing I think I would have different is to get the 4.10 gears in the rear. >:D

These are heavy beasts and although the 5.3 is plenty peppy, the 4.10 gears would be real nice for take off. From what I hear the gas mileage penalty is marginal. That's it! You'll love your AV when you get it! ;D

I've had my peuter Z66 for just over two months now and everyday I drive it I love it as ifs the first day I bought it.I wish I had been more patient and found one with a sunroof but I only think of it when I see one that has it.My hardest choice about getting one was picking the color. My born on date is 3-26-02 and I'm not finding some of the issues that have been posted on the site,so hopefully GM has addressed them.
Go ahead and get one if you haven't allready. (y)
Hey bro,

My Av was my first car I have ever purchased. I am 24 and love the truck. You can't go wrong. You know how Chevy's are. My family didn't really care for Chevy's so they were skeptical. However, they now love it. My little nephew calls it the Blue Monster. It has a smooth ride, cold air, lots of HP! It has more room in all directions than the F150 super crew. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO GET IT!!!!!
T-Bone, I can honestly recommend the AV without any hesitation. I sold my '99 Cadillac STS to buy the AV and while I do miss the Northstar, I have no regrets. Just be sure you get one with all the options YOU want.
Still very happy with my 4x4 choice. I don't intend in doing any 4x4 per se and didn't need the Z71 package. This is my main source of transportation and I love it!
Well you have all been a great deal of help. I have kept this vehicle for one more day to put it through the test in S.F. Then I will buy it or one just like it. Is it hard keeping the plastic panels clean and looking new?