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Any News On 'Mini-Av'?


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Sep 23, 2002
Clover, SC
A while back I heard a rumor about a 'mini Avalanche' based on the Trailblazer platform. I was talking to a dealer yesterday and he said he knows of no plans for something like that. He may have been saying that because he wanted me to buy an Av he had in stock, but I wonder if anyone else has heard anything about that?
I understand the truck will be called the Chevrolet Warrior and will be introduced as a 2004 model. I haven't found any pictures or any further details.
I have seen a couple pictures of this, but the name Warrior is unfamiliar to me. I could've sworn I saw it labeled as the "K5", but have just realized that this is a certain Blazer (??). The pix were in a magazine, and I forget which one, but if anyone really wants to see it, PM me and I can try to find it.
empty said:
I thought Warrior became GMC Envoy XUV. ?Did I miss another memo?
Now I'm really confused. I thought the Warrior was a pickup with side compartments and doors on the bed. For example, there was a door on the side of the bed in front of the rear wheels that allowed easy access to the front of the bed.

Isn't the Envoy XUV the one on the TrailBlazer platform that has the power midgate and the power sliding retractable roof?

Ohhh... I'm so confused....

-- SS