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Any One Else Buy There AV Today 2 Years Ago


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May 28, 2002
La Vernia, TX
Well yes today (June 29th) two years ago I became the proud owner of a 2002 white Avalanche Z71 loaded so today it is 2 years old I have 54,900 miles on it and have loved every one of them so who else got there AV this day?
Well, my 2002 Summit White Av Z71 was born on 9/11/01 and I picked it up on 10/26/01, not 2 whole years yet, but I have over 68K miles on my baby.
I got mine two years ago on the 4th.
Sorta patriotic, huh!

Built date of 05/01
Have a whole 15,400 miles on it.
...Geeze, I gotta get out more often!
You know, I had not thought about it, but yes I am at two years, maybe even a few days over. Funny, I was doing a lot better at paying it off during the first nine months or so, and then....
I bought mine today, 79 days ago. It's my 79th diei-versary. Er, something like that. (diem-versary? die-versary, no that can't be right, deu-versary?) Anybody speak Latin?
Bought mine about a month ago. Still can't believe I finally own an Avalanche. It's a great SUV/truck...knock on wood...no problems so far. ;D ;D

Mine's not quite two years yet. I purchased it October 25, 2001. Just turned 30,000 miles and love it!

Loved it so much we bought a second one September 20, 2002 and it just turned 20,000 miles!

Absolutely love every mile/minute in the thing.

Bought my AV on Nov. 15, 2001 not quite 2 years yet and she has over 35,000 miles on her, she has been good to me :love:
Two more days till my anniversary, although I had already spent three weeks waiting for my insurance adjustment to buy this particular Z66. 22,136mi and counting. ;D
A little more than 1.5 years got mine in Oct. 15th 2001. I have almost 54,000 miles. A lot of driving in our small state called TX.
I'm a little late to this party :2: . She's been with me for 2 years + a couple of weeks :love:. Only 1 dealer visit for the rear window trim in 27,000 miles (y)
IT was my trucks first birthday yesterday!!!!!!!! Had her washed and waxed and then put her away because Hurricane Claudette is still getting us wet down here in Texas.
My Whitie turned 2 yrs on May 31, 2003. SHe will flip 66k tomorrow. (y) Not many problems at all.
be 2 years this September........................feels like 3 weeks.......Only 31K...I have more in airline miles then my truck..........LOL