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Anybody Else Have A Problem With The Back Seats


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Apr 3, 2002
Orlando Florida
Can't get mine to lay flat. When I put Wallboard in the back the sheet sloped up toward the front of the truck.

What's the trick? All the advertisements I see show it flat.

Mine does the same thing. I haven't tried moving the front seats *really* far forward yet to see if it's the headrests holding the gate up.

Anyone yanked out the back headrests yet, to see if they go down better? I can't believe that Chevy didn't design the headrests so that they could be removed easily to accomdate the midgate.
I had done the retro to the headrests when I first purchased my Av. in Oct. I had done the same thing to my wifes E.B. Explorer when we got that. Xrover explains the solution , and it does work well. After you file or grind the flat on the posts, the headrest comes right out without the use of a pin. Makes it even easier to convert the cab. It takes about 5 minutes. I actually did the mod. on my break at work.
Got It. Just need to get it done now. Thanks.
just did the mod as well, word for word. it is definitely a must to do, and not hard at all... ;D

Being short (5'9") has it's benefits! ;D

I have taken the headrest off too. It makes it a bunch easier to get the thing changed quickly.
Sounds like a good mod. I'm going to go do it but then I will probably just toss the headreads in the garage. Who needs them anyway. Same w/ the bag for the bed covers. It is just always in the way if you leave it in the truck.
I think it took me longer to get the headrests out, then it did to file off the lip. great mod!
I wanted to add my thanks as well. I noticed this on the test drive and it irked me, glad there's a workaround to the headrest issue. Nicely done XRover.