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Anybody Got Dark Oil Drips On Driveway?


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Jun 16, 2002
Elko, NV
My chin dropped when I went out to my garage this morning and saw a line of black oil-looking drops
underneath the passenger side of the Av.

First reaction is, "on no, did I buy a lemon?!"

Relieved when I called the dealer service department and they said they have been having a lot of that because of the hot weather.

It is the undercoating dripping off.


Just thought I would let others know.

Has anyone else experienced this?
I do not have undercoating and I do not have any drips..
I have undercoating. You can't tell you have it untill you go under there and look close. I found out by accidently scratching the frame with my fingernail. The coating got under the fingernails, felt like sticky wax. If I remember correclty it was dark brown or black. It is hard to tell its under there though.
The coating on the frame is wax.

I read that somewhere, maybe a Silverado brochure, I'll have to check later.
Is your 'undercoating' that is dripping off the factory applied wax discussed here or an aftermarket dealer added undercoating?

I've seen nothing dripping off of mine.
I had dripping under my AV - it was the transfer case - I would look into this a little more, your AV should not be dripping.

Mine has been in over 100F temps and it didn't drip & Crexis lives in Tucson where it is even hotter and I dodn't recall him having dripping issues.
I freaked myself out oneday, hauling rear down the parkway to south jersey when I got there I parked the Av and noticed that the bottom was dripping and must have been dripping onto part of the exhaust because all you would here is a sizzling sound....needless to say I put 2/2 together and figured out the Av was just sweating...... :B:
I have had no further problems with this.

I think the undercoating is sort of laced with a sort
of wax substance that can actually melt if it gets excessively hot.