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Anyone Have An Autolock???


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Jul 18, 2002
Cooperstown, New York
I have been looking around for feedback from Avalanche owners who have the Autolock; a device similar to "The Club" but it goes over the brake pedal. I have seen it advertised on the TV and the net and am really interested in getting one, because of the all steel construction and armor plating on the lock assembly.
If anyone has one or has had one, please say what you think, positive or negative.

Here is the website ofr the Autolock, in case someone doesn't know what it is: http://www.autolock.com/

James R. :cool:
Never saw this kind. Have one that hooks the break pedal to the steering wheel. Also have a Truck "Club". I like the Club. Easy to put on so I use it. Easily seen so hopefully they will target an easier vehical.
Just something for you to consider. Something like this came out in England about 30 years ago. It was called the CrookLock. Almost all cars in England were stickshift at the time, and the instructions were to use it to immobilise the CLUTCH pedal.
Some people used it to immobilise the BRAKE pedal (as you would HAVE to do on an automatic, like the Avalanche).
There were some well publicized cases of people who had immobilised their BRAKE pedal, FORGOT to take it OFF, and started to drive away. When they tried to stop.... ?:eek:

A similar kind of device that locks a long bar 'horizontally' to the steering wheel (so you can't turn it) is now common in England, and I believe CrookLock is out of that business.
Yeah I know that is what these were originally made for, however I dont know how you could drive away withthis thing locked on the brake pedal. ???
I do know that Autolock makes a long bar that is really big, but I still think that It would be harder for someone to steal a truck if the brake pedal was imobilized, furthermore when I get my alarm system upgraded it will just add to the security,

-James R. :cool:
I have had one for a couple of years and like it. The first one I had I lost the keys and don't ask about that.Let's just say it was a mess to get off. I only use mine when I think there is a real need (detroit).For the money it is a good product. But I guess it should be used all the time
Correct me if I am wrong, but don't we have to depress the brake pedal to take the tranny out of gear?? Seems to me that would negate the issue of forgetting to take it off before you drive away?

Just my .03 (inflation) :2:
it works great i have one in my el camino and i use it all the time and you cannt press the pedal period so i would say it is worth the $$$.