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Anyone know these Transmission shops in Tampa area


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Sep 29, 2005
Harrisonville, Mo
Hope someone in the Tampa area knows anything about either one of these two transmission shops. They are G-Men Transmission in New Port Richey or Mad Dog transmission in Tampa.

The low sprag came apart in my 03 AV and I have about decided to replace with one that is a little bit better that what it came with. I will be in the New Port Richey area the week of June 3 and thought I might get one from one of these places if I could find out something about either one of them. Any info positive or negative would be of help. Thanks Bill
Don't take this wrong, but a) if it's failing now and you're in MO, getting it to Tampa seems to be a challenge, and b) if it were me, I'd have something of this nature done locally to me in case of additional and future problems related to it.
I didn't take it the wrong way. I wouldn't drive it anywhere at this point, its staying at home. We had a trip planned to Tampa in the first week of June anyway and I had some info on these two tranny shops that seem to rebuild transmissions with some beefed up parts and the price seems reasonable and I was exploring the option of picking one up and installing it myself.
I'd still avoid that option.  Long-distance troubleshooting if there was an issue, and if they didn't install it, they could easily blame your work on any problems.