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Arizona Black Vs. White Temp Test



O.k. I live in Arizona :cool: :cool: and yeah I bought a Black Z66, I have a buddy who lives here and he bought a White Z66. Come Mid August (115deg+) I will perform a test with temp probes in each vehicle. We will put an end to the age old debate of black being hotter. Anyone care to guess what the temp difference will be. Some have guessed 140deg/White vs 640deg/Black.

Anyway here is a link to pics of my Z66 :) ;D ;D
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I did that test myself in Phoenix in 1996. It was summer, and I think the outside temp that day reached 108.

I had a 1992 Black Inifiniti Q45 with metallic factory tint, and a silverleaf 1996 Camry with metallic aftermarket tint. Parked them side-by-side in the parking lot of my apartment complex.

Put identical oven thermometers in each of them, on the rear floor board, not in direct sun but shaded.

Checked them after four hours of sitting.


Black Q45 = 152 degrees
Silverleaf Camry = 134 degrees

So my test showed about a 20 degree diff. True, not identical vehicles, but I think it proved that the black roof absorbed more heat into the cabin.

Anxious to see the results from identical vehicles !! :D

;D Awesome test! Not only is the temperature difference between the two cars impressive but so is the difference between the outside temp 108F and the interior 152F.

TripleB, if you get the chance, see if those front window shades make any difference. I use one to reduce the UV to the plastic dash but I also believe that it reduces the temperature in the AV as well. Your test is a great idea and I look forward to hearing the results.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Five out of a possible five smiley faces.
Lars, great test. thanks for the update. I am really curious to see the results on the same vehicle too.

jst4f, thanks for your input. I will put both of you down on my email list and will email when test is complete.

I will also add in the sunshades, I am hoping that the shade helps bring the black beast back down in temp.

But hey it doesn't really matter because I have a dial that goes up to "5" for my air conditioning. Do you get it, goes up to "5". (Reference "Spinal Tap")
I word to the wise......never paint your race car black. Why? First,black paint weighs more than white(a fact). Second,race cars don't have air conditoning making that 20 degree difference a constant ;D :p
Here's my guess:

White = over easy
Black = hard boiled

Let me know if I'm a winner (and I'll have that with a side of bacon.) ;D
Try this one...hit the parking lot on a hot summer day and put you hand on a nice shiney black hood...find a white rig and repeat...end of discussion. My wife insisted on black...friend had a white car in the parking lot. Leaned on wifes Toy and yelped...not so with the white.
Burnt hands are one thing, but those handprints, :eek: again the winner is white no fingerprints show....but I still went with black.

Pretty good stuff, I think my brain has been hardboiled living in Az. :cool:

You know I am starting to think I went with Black because so many people said, " I love Black but I would never buy one that color", I must have took it as a challenge. When people say that it is too hard to clean, I tell them...yes that is what all my other lazy friends say!! ;)
Love your reasoning and logic - I agree, black is really nice for about 10 minutes after the car wash - thats when you take the pictures. ;D
First- id like to say im glad to know im not the only person in Arizona thats a member of this site. I grew up with black trucks- and i agree black looks awesome... but as gandolphxx said.. only for about 10 minutes. Especially in arizona with all the dust and crap. I went with the pewter for my AV- and in about 4 days after a carwash i can see a thick layer of dirt on my truck... black would be torture. (cant fit my truck in the garage. hehe. that was one mistake i made when looking for trucks. MAKE SURE IT FITS!) anyways... we grew up with black trucks and they always seemed alot hotter inside then my moms white cars for example... *shrug*
ps- to you other AZ people.. i say we organize a ride. =)
PM me.
You know I just realized that the dirtier it gets the more time I spend with it.....suddenly things are looking up.

Massive what part of AZ are you in.