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Articles Mentioning An Insulated Side Storage Bin


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May 22, 2002
Eureka, MO
USA Today

You've probably seen this article before, but I've been searching the web and there are several articles that claim that one or both side storage bins are specially insulated to allow the side storage bins to work as an ice cooler and to keep drinks cold.

From the USA Today Article:

"Storage cubbies are sunk into the space between the cargo bed's inner and outer walls. One of those cubbies is insulated and works fine as a small ice chest, keeping drinks frosty through a half-day's test drive and longer."

Wet Apple

"There?s also lockable, insulated storage containers with a drain built in between the bed and outside sheet metal in case you need to transport something cold."


"And despite a complete lack of refrigeration, the well-insulated compartments did indeed keep a bag of ice intact through a whole day of motoring through the incredible heat of the Anza-Borrego desert of Southern California where we flogged the Avalanche."


"Two insulated lockable storage wells reside in the back of the rear fender's inside and outside walls, with drains so you can use them as moving integrated coolers."

Some of these articles really make you wonder if the reviewer has any idea what it is they are reviewing.

I have been wondering the same thing? I certainly overlooked it in all of the Chevy Av material I've read. :2:
Neither are insulated from my research under the truck and messing with the Lights.....

There is an air space which will help kinda insulate but it is no IGLOO cooler that is for sure....


Are the boxes within a compartment? :eek:

Would spray foam in the compartment work? :cautious:

What is behind those holes in the plastic? :0:

Does anyone have an expanded diagram? (y)

Stay tuned, for someone has the answer... :B:

It is 86 degrees and sunny in wonderful Honolulu ;)

Murman :cool:
When I bought my AV 2 weeks ago the sales man told how they would fill up one of the compartments with ice and soda cans when it was hot out side. He said there were drains holes but he did not say it was insulated.
This is the first time I've ever heard them referred to as insulated. I'm happy to find out that my jumper cables are staying cool back there!
Steelheadchaser, that's what the gloves are for. They're not for the jack... they're so you can get something out of the storage bins without freezing your hands to them. :)

When I started this post I wasn't trying to suggest that the bins are insulated. I was just trying to point out that a lot of the reviews you read are based on very little factual information.

last summer when i went motorcross riding i would use my left side as a cooler. ?works good the ice melts and drains in the middle of the truck so its not muddy right underneth the side.


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I think "Chevylover" mentioned in an earlier thread that he had a tailgate party at an A's game, and the ice didn't melt all the way until he pulled it in the garage overnight, and then he ended up with a large puddle of water in his garage! :(
I through some soda's with ice in there this past summer, and your right it isn't an igloo but it kept things cool for awhile...I was happy with it... :B: