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Attn: Jamie


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Mar 10, 2002
Hey i saw u were from mn too. i live in benson mn thats like 2 hours from the twin cities so if u see a 1500 indigo blue avalnche with a brush gaurd mug flaps roof rack and running boards it might be me.
and also i saw u got a K&N air filter how was the installation on it. Where did u buy it from. im thinking a bout getting it alog with a jet pefromance chip and borla exhaust
Alright!! Another Minnesotan!

I just have a regular drop-in K&N filtercharger and not a FIPK. I believe I got it from www.truckperformance.com. Install took about 15 minutes as you have to install a gasket in the stock airbox.

Make sure you do the amber DRL fix. Then I'll know for sure it's you ;D

yeah im thinkin about the fipk what do u think about the borla exhaust and jet performanch chip?
Sounds good, but I'd talk to Gandolphxx or look at the posts under the performance forum. I haven't done any performance mods to mine other than the filter upgrade.

What kind of performance changes do you get from changing the air filter.

the fipk witch im thinkin about getting gives it around 15-20 more hp one like jamie has gives it like 3-5 more hp jamie correct me if im wrong
Yeah, Jakson is right on. A drop-in K&N filtercharger (not a FIPK) will give you a 3HP boost which you probably won't even notice. You will notice the under hood sound is a little more "manly." I mainly picked mine up for the re-usability factor first and the perfomance gain second.

The performance of the Av will definitely increase with the addition of an FIPK and exhaust.....throw in some headers and now your talkin'.......increased fuel mileage....nice rumble......BUT don't expect toooooo much.....it will in no way feel like you just dropped a vortech or whipple on there....but just think of what it would be like if you had the above and did.... :eek:
hey jamie i just got back from the cities dont think i saw ya though. i saw tons of Av`s on the way there and back. im gonna get Amber DRL`s so when i go again ull know for sure its me. also im just wonderin where did u buy ur Av from. mine was originally from Village Auto in Wayzeta but they did a dealer trade with Gillieland in St cloud so thats where i got mine from
Guess I missed you. I was in Indy all weekend for the Brickyard 400. Got my Av from Grossman Chev in Burnsville as it is nearby.

cool i saw your posts in Av Stories looks like u had alot of fun at the Brickyard...im getting amber DRL's and should be going to the cities somtime soon