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Auto Saver



I just went to a Honda dealer and had the Auto Saver installed on my AV, Because I refuse to drive my truck in the salt. I live here in MI and there is more salt than snow. Honda Dealer here In MI is the only one I know who has them in stock. And I know someone there who done it for me at cost. I plan on keeping my AV for a long time, and the honda dealer even loaned me a car while the installed it for me, and it is a complete rust protection, It took 4 hours for them to complete this because they treat the paint and seats and windows and everything. Has anyone ever had this done to there Trucks? ?Here is a link to see what it is all about. http://www.autosaver.com.au/ ?
I got the whole thing done for 297.00, it comes with a 10 year warranty, for the rust protection.here is the telephone number 518-393-2431. You can call them and ask them who installs them in your state, But you guys could buy one from them direct and install it yourself. You get a big box of stuff for the windows and leather protection, carpet protection. alot for the buck. http://www.autosaver.com.au/vinyl_leather.htm.
Here is a picture of the system and all of the things you get.


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Here is a picture my AV after they put the paint protection on it.


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Looks like a great system, I am interested. I waqs going to do the ziebart service, but this looks alot better