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Automobile Mag. Wants YOU


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Feb 10, 2002
North Carolina
Thought I would pass this on. In the July issue of Automobile Magazine, their 4 Seasons Test (12 month report) article is about the 2001 Z06 Corvette, but at the end of the article they are asking for owners of specific vehicles to joint their test team. One of the vehicles listed is a 2002 Chevorlet Avalanche. The blurb says:

Tell us your name, address, telephone number; your occupation; your age; your car's make and model; how long you've owned it; how much you've paid for it; whether you've had any mechanical problems; and your previous vehicle. Remember to describe specifically what you like and dislike about your car (well, truck in our case).

Send your response to:

Four Seasons Test, Automobile Magazine
120 East Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

I'm planning on responding (and maybe putting in a plug for the club while I'm at it ;D).
I think i may try to write something up also since i use the AV for work and put plenty of miles, not just a weekend cruiser. And i agree they will know about the CAFCNA by the time i get through with it
zeeya >:D
Don't try to go to a site www.automobilemagazine.com unless you can read french ;D
thought i would give it a try,,,,,,,,,,,,,needless to say it went afoul when the french language came up. Guess i could get my daughter to interpet for me. think i will try another wording on search