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Aux. Amp to power Bose Sub... Some Questions...


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Apr 16, 2007

  Like some other people on the board, I've decided I would like to add an Aux. Amp to my Factory Bose system specifically for the Sub.

  I've done some digging in the forum and found out a lot of info I need, however I need some more and I was hoping someone here would have the answers...

My Plan:  I plan to splice into the wires (2 of them) headed from the factory Amp to the Sub.  I want to run these into the High Level inputs on my new amp, and then run the line outs to the Bose Factory Sub.  I wan to grab power ('remote' on?)  and ground from the wiring harness, or possibly the rear audio controls.  (I'm assuming there is some kind of quick connect 'T' Connector for this?)

*Please assume I know very little about car audio.  (this is true)

Question #1:  What kind of Amp would work the best for this application?  I'm thinking a 2ch AMP with High Level inputs.  (Around 200-250w /Total)

Question #2: If the Amp has High level inputs, do I need a Line Output Converter?

Question #3: Do I need to install an in-line fuse for this Amp?

Question #4: Would a Mono/1ch Amp work better than a 2ch Amp?

Question #5: I don't know much about wiring up dual voice coils, compared to single.  I've read the factory is a dual, so do I need 2 sets of wires from my Aux. Amp to the Sub? or just 1?

Question #6: Is the factory 'wire' going to be enough for this application?  Or do I need to go beefier?

Thanks very much for your help.  My plan is to just add some thump to the factory system without losing much interior space.
Well, since I've had no responses, I did what I should have in the first place and started reading 'a lot' about car audio.

I now know quite a bit more however there is one thing that I really need to know...

What is the ohm rating on the OEM Sub?  4 ohms on each voice coil? Wired in parallel or series = 2ohm or 8ohm?
i am probably too late to help u on this but when i checked it is a 2 ohm load per voice coil and i ran a cheapo amp to mine. then decided to upgrade to a higher quality and more powerful amp which i now don't recommend based on the fact that while it sounded great that little sub couldn't hang and it blew if you keep the amp power low say less than 100 watts total it might be OK but be warned if it blows like mine it will produce no sound at all...my 2 cents
BUMP BUMP BUMP IT UP!  (y)  I would like to see some answers about this too... Does anyone know?


3 things to look at.