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aux tran cooler-grill removal


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Feb 26, 2004
Got my B&M aux trans cooler, started removing grill but stopped.  No problem removing 3 plastic pieces on top and the  chromed center piece would undo that is near the headlights.  To get access to the front of the exist radiator should I be removing something else??

I mean is there something else involved.? I don't want to break any plastic

Another thread sez remove the 3 top push pins and the grill will pull up and out
If you are a cladded one. You have to three top. The chrome portion known has the power bar is a pull out.
The other two to watch out for are the ones directly below the headlights. They're hidden by the lights. These clips are mostly commonly broken. I removed my lights and used a needle-nose pliers to squeeze these clips. Once I had these clips clear. I then pulled on the power bar, thus removing the grill.
Thanx for the help with the grill removal.? Got the grill off and the B&M transmission cooler installed.


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