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Av And Emergency Lights


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Mar 25, 2003
Austin, Tx
I am a volunteer Fireman, and consequently must outfit my vehicles with lights and siren at my cost in order to be in compliance with the Texas State Transportation Laws.

Previously I had a 2001 F@*% :8: F-150 Super Crew and had the following:
Wig-Wags (Headlight Flashers)
Taillight flashers (Had to drill them due to stupid for BS)
Code3 Light bar on roof
Code3 Siren
Switch Panel

On the AV I want a concealed look, like red LED’s behind the grille and taillight flashers.

I keep seeing this post by this guy called strobin that has an awesome attention getting strobe set-up, and was wondering what he had doing that, or anything else that you guys might be able to offer to assist in my quest to set the av up as the ultimate fire response vehicle :)

Billy Clay
I know that there was at least one good long post on this (try searching for "strobes"), and I found this site to be pretty good from that post:

I have not bought anything yet, but you should definitely get a concealed system. SOmething behind the grille(s), strobes at the corners, and I would do lights at the front and back windshields myself.

I am getting a set-up in the four corners, the grille, and a windshield mount double strobe.

Good luck.
I am going to point you to Mongo Ranger. He is a Police Officer in MI and has wired up their cars with all sorts of lights, radios etc. You might just go HERE and send him a private message to see if he can help you.

Check with these guys. I have alot of experience ordering stuff from them and the prices have always been better than anyone else.

Emergency Vehicle Equipment

Talk with Chris at the Port Neches office or Neal at the Arlington office.

As far as strobes, your budget is the only limit. I have a UPS690 and six hideaways. Nothing is visible except the switch on the dash...

The headlight flasher will not work due to the fact that the high beams have independent circuits. If you try to alternate the high beams it tries to melt the relays....

Check with the manufacturer on the taillight flasher. Be sure it has built in circuitry to keep the pulses from going back into the brake system. The antilock brakes will think you are stepping on the brake 3 times a second.

I too did the same thing you are speaking of with rescue lighting. (After loosing a $800 strobe lightbar at 80Mph) I had a Whalen mini edge 6 strobe lightbar that flew off, turns out acording to the mfg. new vehicle sheet metal is too thin and painted to thick for magnets to hold anymore. It never moved on my 97 Dodge PU. I also had a friend with the same setup loose one on a 2003 Dodge PU...
Anyway, I did go with a 6 strobe hide-a-way setup and tail light flashers. Here is what I found. with Red and White strobes. The Red are not even worth getting not bright enough. I put red in the turn light housing above the headlights and I removed the daytime running lights and put white strobe in it's place. Who needs DRL's anyway...
The clear strobes have a rubber gromet 1" that fits right into the hole from the DRL light. Had to drill the turn light housing and glue the red's in place.
During operation the white's are great! the Red Suck...
I did go with a tail light flasher (Galls Traffic Backer) that flashes the brake / rev lights and don't seem to have a problem at all. I gave up on the head light flasher even after ordering the unit for neg switch system with DRL Just as the post above said. only one light flashed and it seemed a bit much with the strobes in the front as well. I have found that I still need more flashing light in the front during the day time so I think I'm going to use the parts from my fly-a-way lightbar to fit a couple of red/white strobes on my dash or maybe one of those super bright LED's those are "really bright" but "really expensive"

LAst word of advice, buy the strobe controller with the highest watt output. :cool: