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Av Goes To Bristol, TN


SM 2003
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Nov 6, 2002
All Right so this weekend was the Bristol Nascar Race and Me and My Forest Green Av made the Journey down! ?Ok My Navigator was with me too, but as we're parked in the campground and putting the tent up I couldn't believe how many people came over and kept saying how cool the tent was. ?(y). ?

We also got to see one of the Silverado SS up close and personal, and I got Pictures! I will post them as soon as they are developed! ?and I know I saw other club members there, ?So You guys that were there, I know you got pictures and Stories so Lets Here'EM.

I was at the campground next to Bristol, I think it was "Campground America", and after the race, I got back only to find out I (and six other people) were towed away to make room for an R.V. We were told by the people to park there, and they try to charge us 100.00 each to get our truck out of their impound lot. Lucky for us, most of the people who were towed were there as well, and vouched for the fact that we were all told to park there. Safety in numbers, man, we were so lucky...
After two hours of waiting, (The parking attendents had also parked cars just outside their impound gates, so an exit was impossible until all race patrons had shown up to move their "legally parked" cars) They opened the gates to let our vehicles out. I quickly inspected my Av, and noticed that there was deep scratches in the plastic rear bumper, next to my hitch. I immediately called them on this, and my accusation was dismissed with the old saying, "It was like that when it was towed". My AV had 0nly 2500 miles of "non towing" on it.
My travelling cooler head prevailed, and I retook possession of my lonely AV. I made it back to Columbus Oh, luckily, and tried to change the oil, only to find one of my CV boots was ripped. The dealer covered the ripped CV boot, but I know it was torn by those Bristol Tennessee locals who call themselves "friendly folk". Hopefully someday, the people who screwed me will suffer the same fate as did Ned Beatty in "Deliverance". That fate is too good for them, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, haha....I did love the race.... :D
hey buddy you didn't happen to go past chattanooga TN? thats where I live and I seen a couple of AVs around, there a great truck.