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AV in adds

Probably cause they stock too many small cars and Tahoos.
Good question, maybe you should send in a suggestion to GM. Can't hurt.
Hmmmm... Now maybe I am just greedy, but I think I would rather not let on to ours ( AV Owners) secret. If everyone knew about them there would be a major shift in the economy and then Ford and Didge would scream, foul!!!

just a guess...

....with all the fuel high prices hype,they want to keep their sales to a peak. Maybe thats why we only see ads for malibu,cobalt and so on.

I have seen tahoe,avalanche and suburban ads before but not lately
my guess would be that if you want to buy an Av, you have to buy an Av (or an EXT depending on your budget).  Looking for an SUV/truck/car?  lots more competition out there.
I was hoping with the Chevy/Transformers commercial, that they would have used an AV. :mad: