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Av Mod Package,could Have Been Bomb Scare



Got change, when out on trips, has met up with a few out of town avrs. ive visited wiki twice, and just missed jnspur in illinois and some others.

on the last trip, heading back thru north florida, I was trying to meet up with planet av, and , it was my fault, being a little early, and in a hurry.

i always carry a set or two of some of my" trademark" mods, to share with the avalanche owners I meet up with. I carry the makita drill, and a set or two of rearbumper beverage holders, sail panel plexi windows, and the stainless front fender air extractors.

well, this was 1000 miles into
the trip, in only the second day, so i got planet av on the cell, and had the bright idea to, Hide, a mod package for him by a big pole at the outlet mall!!

I had 350 more miles to go and was kinda tired, so I took some black tape and taped the beverage holders together, and proceeded to find a spot to hide them for planet!!!the screens were on the outside.

as i cruised the mall parking lot and found a big pole to"hide" the mod package, as i laid it down on the ground, I said to myself. "That thing looks kinda like a BOMB"... I kinda looked around, and drove off, happy to be sharing mods!!

Well about 1/2 hour later, I got to thinking, what if a guard, or the maintenance guy sees this, freaks out and calls the bomb squad? T here pics of my truck, and fingerprints all over it!!

I must have tried to call planet av 6 or 7 times, and all the way home I was not sleepy, I thought every headlight coming up from behind was the cops, and I listened to every channell on the radio waiting for story like..... Mall evacuated, due to bomb scare.

So I get home and what does planet av message me ... got change, I could not find the package, but two cops followed me............ my only hope, was the sly dog smiley on his post... so as the story goes ...alls well, that mods well, the next day planet admitted finding the av goodies... I told him I'm gonna whip up on him someday for that!!! any way, I think driving 2 days straight might have induced roadside paranoia, cause the pic attatched could only be recognized as av mod.... right??


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That made for good AVY reading...... >:D

YOUR A WILD MAN!! It does look like a bomb, and if I saw your crazy @ss put it there, I would have called the cops. When are you comming through Columbia again. November 2nd we are having our first meeting in that Meeting room I showed you at Love Chevrolet. Isn't that a nice room. Large screen TV's, Theater Seating. Covered Parkway for our AV's on Coblestone!!! My dealership has really outdone themselves. OH YEAH, they are giving my mechanic a 2003 AV to go on all our cruises with as a PAID mechanic on the cruises!! That was their gift to the club. THAT ROCKS!!

Come plant a few "bombs" in our area for our new members!!! They will see the mods for the first time this NOV 2nd.


hey ygmn, iron train, and wiki, aint no lie man i almost turned around and went back, just tryin to hook up with another avr you know, but i will tell you this, i did not even try to nod off going down the road, after my cell phone battery went dead, and I was wondering what the fine was for a bomb scare hoax.

and im still gonna get to that darn planet av for stringing me along!!
hey got_change, anytime you are coming through southern Indiana,feel free to drop off some of them AV mods anytime! Good story by the way!
hey got_change,

Great Story! I do admit I got you got you going and It was scary with the 2 cops sitting in front of the entrance and then followed me. I stoped told them who I am and I was looking for a package.

dumb part of me, I told them a package... >:D

well, drove all over the parking lot, couldn't see the package behind the big pole at night, even had my magna light.

so kept driving and looking, nothing. so we headed home.

very next morning, chatted with got_change first thing in the morning and went back to St.Augustine to pick up my BOMB >:D package.

(in case this goes to the police, just joking on the package.)

anyways, package is great, just got to find the time to put it all together.

One day got_change, I will make the attempt to meet up with you with you.

great stuff.

ok know planet, you mean, you were not, "tooling" me and the cops did follow you around?

I will have to give you credit, for going back a second time, to find the..... package.....

I guess i hid it good enough, until the lawn guy would have found it. I did notice at that mall, there was a big cop sticker on the building just in front of the pole, and the windows were tinted out, and i thought they spotted me,...... droppin off the .. mod package !

yeah av bro we gonna meet up for sure!