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AV on National Geographic Tornado Interceptor


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Jan 9, 2004
I was watching Tornado Interceptor on National Geographic channel yesterday.  A guy built this ugly vehicle called the "TIV", (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) out of a F*rd F450 to go inside the eye of the tornado.  Anyway, 21 minutes into the program, they show semis on the interstate blown onto their side, and there is a shot of a white cladded AV sideways on the shoulder with a trailer tipped over.
So the tornado flipped semis over and this guy thinks he can drive in with a truck and be ok?
National Geographic people are, well, let's just say sometimes they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed! :beating: for thinking a pickup could handle being in the center of a tornado.
They should have used a Corvette. The aerodynamic shape would allow the twister to safely pass by the Vette, not flipping it over >:D That would be much smart idea that a ford truck