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AV Owners Federal Tax Break

My accountant just got an email as well :eek: :eek:

Now that just made my day:)
How cool is that?

YOU are my HERO!

Seven :cool:
Hey medlifecrisis, If you look in the grey area it specifically mentions our beloved AV's. Just make sure to keep a copy of the article. Besides with all the mod's that most of us add we should all be there. Whats a few pounds more or less.
midlifecrisis said:
After reading the entire article, I wonder if the SUV has to be over 6000 pounds, which the 1500 Av is not.

Hey just put a few hundred pounds of sand in the back of the Av and lock the tailgate so nobody can tell you're cheating and open it up >:D. It may be a little loaded down but that's for other reasons ;D.

If they do an actual search on what the standard weight of the vehicle is then I can't help you :6:.
midlifecrisis said:
After reading the entire article, I wonder if the SUV has to be over 6000 pounds, which the 1500 Av is not.

Yes, It must be 6,000lbs or more. My Doctor first told me about this about a month ago which was also a big swaying reason to look at the 2500 as well as, the towing cababilities.

"D-man" (Doing some quick tax calculations :eek: )
Even though the article says 6000 lbs in it, the right side table mentions a few "light trucks" that aren't over 6000lbs, at least not to my knowledge, like the Chevy Tahoe. ?I think this is best interpreted by an accountant.

**UPDATE** I found this article http://www.bara.net/vehicle.htm If it is true, & the tax code does state a GVWR of 6000lbs or more, then both 1500 & 2500 AV's qualify. (y)
The way I read the story is that all the listed vehicles qualify for the deduction. The "Light Truck" category must cap at the 6,000 lb. mark. Over that and they are in the medium or heavy duty truck category. If you look at the list, most of the vehicles are about the same, or lighter, than the AV (ex. X5, Ford 150, Ram 1500, L.R. Discovery, Dodge Durango, etc...). Few are heavier. It does list the Av, and doesn't specify the 1500 or 2500. My opinion...both qualify. Comments?
Now my question, I bought the AV in 2001, would I get the $24,000 deduction this year, or did I need to take that last year (meaning that I only get 20% of the balance for this year)?
Durwin said:
Thank God for George Bush. I know if AlGore was President this surely wouldn't have seen the light of day.

Do we have a California Republican ;D? I certainly agree with you.

I don't want to get into trouble so that's all that I'll say about politics ;).
The bite at the gas pump does not hurt nearly as much as it did before finding this out. :cool:

$24 grand could buy a lot of fuel or I mean Mod's :p
The #6000 has to be GVWR, not curb weight. The Silverado K2500HD Crew Cab Short Box "only" weighs ?5892 lbs. The 1500 Av is heavier than the majority of the vehicles on their list. BTW, the GVWR of the 2x 1500 is 6800# and the 4x4 is 7000#. It certainly seems worthwhile checking with a tax pro.
I wonder if the IRS would believe my wife when she says the AV is my business and it is losing money? ;) >:D :cautious:
Someone (a pretty bright small business owner) mentioned a 9/11 tax incentive for major purchases (good for 2002 also). I haven't researched it further. When I do I'll let you know (unless someone else already knows?).
Now the Avalanche is almost as inexpensive in the U.S. as it already is in Canada. ;)
shoot and I thought changing my marital status to married would pocket me some cash.....this tax break is great.....the more the merrier...back from uncle sam....but there is no chance of a start up business at this point... :) :B:
Heck, I just ordered a $3,500 printer yesterday because I could section 179 it this year and hadn't really bought any big ticket items. Didn't know I could use it all on the truck. But now I know I can use up the balance.
This is GREAT NEWS! :D