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Av Rescues Kubota


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Feb 27, 2002
Scottsboro, AL
The 2 most manly things I own are my Av :B: and my Kubota B2710 compact tractor. We all know that the Av is a heck of a SUT, and the Kubota is also a great little tractor - 4WD, PS, front loader, variable PTO's, etc.

Yesterday, I was doing some brush hogging on the "south 40" (actually the south 5), and managed to get find a small spring and got the Kubota hopelessly stuck - I mean BURIED up to the axles. First time I've gotten it stuck. What to do ??? Go get the Av!!! ;D
Quick jog to Tractor Supply to pick up a 30 ft. recovery strap - cross the ditch to get to the tractor - hook 'er up, and pull the tractor right out of the mud with nary a grunt!!!

I love this truck!!!! :B: ;D :B: