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AV Tent. Used It? Liked It?


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Sep 23, 2002
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The wife and are going to Lake Eufala for the long Memorial weekend. We will arrive Friday morning and camp through Monday evening. Anyone spent more than a couple days inside the AV tent? Did it trash your Av or was it a pretty good experience? We plan on putting a twin mattress back there for comfort. Can two people (6'5'' and 5'11'') sleep comfortably in that thing? I haven't bought the tent yet and would like to hear from you all before I do so.

Sure, I have one and have spent several days at a time in it.

If you think about it you can get a single adult or several children sleeping area by laying transversely across the midgate.

I am happy with it. Plenty of venting and I like having access to the forward storage area (the back seat area through the tent back door) and the "shelf area" that is created by the side saddle storage areas.

The best advantage is that you can protect your valuable stuff instead of leaving it in the ground based tent and hoping other are honest.

Close the back midgate area, put your valuable stuff in the cab of the AV and lock it up. Makes going on a day hike easier on your mind.

I like to keep as little in the tent area as possible. THis way if you need to make a beer run you pull the mattress out, release the straps of the tent, and lift it off. Just sit it on the ground and make your run. Pop it back on when you return.

The best advantage with the AV tent is that if it gets extremely hot or cold, you can warm or heat it up with the vehicle.

What needs to be changed.

I think the fly needs to come further forward than it does. You can't vent the tent through the front during anything other than light rain. A rain fly and pole set helps create a "porch" area. I am thinking about working up some kind of entry "room" so I can stand up and get dressed. (Not really a problem with the AV tent but all tents in general.)

The second is that the step up from the ground and tailgate is rather high. A standard Igloo cooler makes a good step up.
I am 6'4 and 425lbs and my wife is nearly 6 foot and 200 lbs and we slept nicely in the Av tent. We left the tailgate door zipped and went in and out of the tent thought the back doors. I like it much better than our more spacious on the ground tent.

When I'm camping and want to go someplace knowing that I will be setting up the tent late what I do is place everything inside the tent then undo the tent lying it ontop of the stuff inside, put on the hard covers and go. This way I don't have to load and unload everything to setup the tent.
Good info! 2 add'l questions for those of you who have the tent:

1. Can it be used as a standalone tent - in other words not in the AV's bed?

2. How small does it pack up?

I need a new tent for when I go camping on the motorcycle and if the AV tent could be used with the moto that saves me a few $$. Thanks!
Interestingly, It might be used as a standalone tent in a pitch.

I set it back up when I am at home so I can make sure it is dry.

The problem is that the extra floor will be bunched up and the floor will not be smooth. Also you will have to work with the door more to get it zipped.

The trouble is that the tent is a lot more expensive than a family camping tent at a large place like Campmor on line or your local mega sports store. I would go that that route.

But I have 3 tents anyway: the AV tent, a family tent, and an 2 person ultra lightweight tent.

The AV tent has its own carry bag. I just measured and it is 9" in dia. x 28" long.
We got a killer huge tent at w@lm@rt. They beat out co$tco by enought to warrent the extra drive.

The thing is plain huge. We can fit 3 queen size air mattresses inside without the m remotely touching each other or the sides. It also has a screened porch area.
gojira-san said:
I need a new tent for when I go camping on the motorcycle and if the AV tent could be used with the moto that saves me a few $$. Thanks!

Sorry, I missed this part.

There is no way you are going to pack the AV tent on the back of the MC.

I ride a MC also. I like the Eureka Apex XT 2 person. Short tent poles means it packs up in a 12"x8" roll. Try that instead.