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AV Tool Kit And Emergency Kit


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Mar 25, 2003
Austin, Tx
Today while at the Dealership looking through a GM accessories catalog I found an AV Toolkit and Emergency Kit.

I wondered if anyone had these and if so what is in them and are they worth the price.

Toolkit - P/N: 999141 - $27.50
Emegency - P/N: 12497328 - $75.00

If they are I am going to order them
I haven't seen them for the AV but when my family bought their Suburbans and Tahoes in the past, the dealer has always sent us a black Nylon bag with the words "Suburban" or "Tahoe" on the outside and inside it has glow sticks, road flares, a disposable camera, a small first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, etc. I would suspect that this would be the emergency kit, they have always come in handy.

Just my thoughts.

This is something I will need to investigate. I have not seen it in any of the product brochures, but it may be new. I will have to take the product numbers to my dealership and see what they say. :)
I don't know, but the item I'm talking about isn't new at all. The first one we got was in 95' when we purchased one of the first 100 four door Tahoes in Chevy production and this has continued with all of our other purchases. (Side note, I did not receive one of these for the AV when I purchased it. We only received them for the Tahoe and Suburbans. All vehicles were purchased from same salesman and dealership.)
A quick search of gmpartsdirect.com shows that those part #'s aren't specific to the AV. However, they are significantly cheaper ($17.50 and $52.50).

Just_Jeepin said:
A quick search of gmpartsdirect.com shows that those part #'s aren't specific to the AV. ?However, they are significantly cheaper ($17.50 and $52.50).


Can you please post the Part numbers you got off of gmpartsdirect.com?
same pn's as posted first above, the point was that they are not AV-only. These are the same kits that the others were getting gratis from the dealer that sold them their 'Ho's and 'Burbans.
Are you only looking for 'official' products?

If you want an 'unofficial' or universal emergency tol kit try these:

Survival Kit Store

Personally, I found it more fun to go to the local gun shows and put together a better, personalized kit for about half the cost. The bonus is routing around the tables getting the best deals on stuff, and not paying for things that will never be used.
Looked today at the Dealer as they got in the Emergency kit.

I will not be purchasing this. It has a very very cheap look to it, and says "GM ACCESSORIES" on the bag.

I was hoping for something like the box that came with the suburban, containing a Maglite, coffe cup, etc...

I did pickup the Avalanche Wind Deflector though.

Thanks for the info guys
I always create my own emergency and tool kit. ?Most of the "kits" consist of useless stuff like a $2 jumper cable, aspirin and two bandages.

I have a tire sealant (large container not the small economy size - we have big truck tires), tire repair kit, a 12 volt high capacity air inflator with flash light and warning lights, air down caps for sand, tire guage, a full tool kit, jumper cables, spare fuses, qt of oil, duct tape, 12 volt spot light, knife, heavy duty tow straps, rear tow hook, jack base plate (for soft ground), fire extinquisher, a box of bandages, first aid cream,.... you get the picture. ?BTW all of this stuff fits into the two saddle boxes.

I also have a hi-jack and shovel inside the "trunk" along with a few gallons of water.

First off I have read that an emergency kit is included in the 03 AVs, I am not 100% positive.

Second, I have to agree with HQ, I do prefer to put together my own kit, because that way I can have the stuff that will be usefull. I do have the standard stuff, i.e. heavy duty jumper cables, heavy duty emergency tow strap and recovery strap, flashlite, 3million candlepower spotlite, tire sealant, small toolkit and small first aid kit, nad other stuff. I am still adding to it and would appreciate ideas to make it better.

Another thing that I have done is I kept my stock air intake and stock ignition wires in a box in the bed, just in case the upgrades fail or something goes wrong.

James R. :cool:
sorry guys I missed the part numbers I'm a little blind at times. I feel like a total moron for not seeing that. DOH!!! Sorry had a blond moment. Good thing all of my blond hair is falling out, that means I'll have less blond moments.
If an emergency kit is included in the '03's, they either left it out of mine or I haven't found it yet.

to be fair, I've yet to unroll the bag in the passenger side storage box. Could be in there I guess.
Nope, just the jack rods, with the jack and wheel blocks under the seat. The 03 does not come with any emergency kits, they sure will sell you one for a hefty price. :eek: