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Av Used For Ads


SM 2003
Full Member
Nov 16, 2002
Summerville, SC

Has anyone else seen Avs used for ads. I seen this one in NC on the way to The OBX. My wife said that she has seen one just like it, or the same on in the Charleston area. I have seen the pic that someone posted with the Doublemint EXT's..... Pretty cool!

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
We have one here in the Sacramento area that I saw once for a mountain biking company. Didn't catch the name; however, it was quite tricked out! Thnx, carriles, for the photo...I'll see if I can track the one down in this area and post a pix...great idea! to do this....;D
Next time I got out I'll take some photos, but there are a ton of dressed up avalanches out here. I can think of three I see daily. The ones I see are petty lame though.