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Available Options With Cloth


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Mar 25, 2003
Austin, Tx
Are there any options that you cannot get with a cloth interior as opposed to leather?

obviously leather is one of them :) I mean can they be power, etc...can you have bose, sunroof, rear seat dvd
seat heaters, I think. I also seem to remember that the leather seats have one or two more points of adjustment to them (8-way vs. 6 maybe?). I think one of the adjustments is manual vs. power recline. Also, I think only the seat memory is available with full leather.

I only did a quick check on chevy.com...go there and you may find more info.

I think there are also some power lumber or bolster adjustments with the leather seats. Also, the '02 leather seats had articulating headrests, while the '02 cloth and all '03s do not.

-- SS
I would love to have memory seats on my 02 cloth Bench seat 40 20 40. The driverside seat is electric for foward and backwards movement but as mentioned before it does not have a power recline setting.
I really could live without the power recline but a memory setting for the forward and reverse movement of the seat would be excellent. I think a timer device with a relay would do the job of memory seating. The "time on" for the timer may have to be adjusted occasionally but it would still be better than trying to climb in a seat that was set to short. My wife is 5'3" and I'm 6' 3". We are constantly shifting backwards and forwards. This should be a option that could easily be an after market mod. If anyone has done this let us know.