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Avalanche 2500 In Norway



:D I got a Avalanche in Norway ! There are only two of them there ! people follow me home every day just to look at the car !
Does this mean CAFCNA has gone International? :B:
How did you get an Avalanche in Norway??!?!?!? :B: :eek:
kjempen said:
:D I got a Avalanche in Norway ! There are only two of them there ! people follow me home every day just to look at the car !

Outstanding, welcome to the board ;D
Welcome to the club . . . and it seems that the regional club in Norway is quite exclusive at the moment!
Welcome aboard from abroad....glad to see you've made it...what took you so long!.. ;D

Hey Chief does this mean we are the CAFCI...International?.
To get a avalanche in Norway is a long story. We have to import the car thru Canada. Because of some strange rules. We have to rebuild the springs so the car can hold aprox: 11000 pounds. When the car coming to Norway, the name of the car is Truckmaster. The reason of all this is the cost of the custom. If i dont doing the spring job the car will cost aprox: 210 000 us.dollar. :6: When the car can hold 11000 pounds they call it a heavy truck and the car is free for tax. Of course i rebuld the car back original at once i got my registration !
But it is worth it !! I love my Avalanche :) :) :)
My wife's parents are Norwegian and she is pretty easy on the eyes, so I owe you folks for that one. Welcome aboard kjempen! Lefsa

I hope to god you added a zero to the USD conversion by mistake; otherwise I can't see too many Avalanches being sold in Norway @ US$ 210,000 (or I guess I really understand why you would do whatever it takes to avoid the imposition of that tax, such as making it a heavy duty truck - waaaay too many Kroners)
And we thought our benevolent government made us jump through hoops!

Yikes - but I'm guessing that that sort of dedication gets you a very unique vehicle!

Enjoy your Av kjempen!
$210,000 because of the taxes? Why that's almost as bad as Massachusetts!

>:D >:D >:D
I think its dynamite, now we need one in China, Russia, Columbia and Australia.

With those import taxes it would have been easier to buy it from the Russian Mafia >:D
The price is defenitely 210000 us.dollars. The Norwegian
tax system is crazy. I think it will be cheaper to trade with the russian mafia ( and easier ).
The gas prices is also crazy ! 1 us.gallon cost 4.50 $.us.
So my 8,1 is a expensive ride !
But its worth it. :) :) :).
$210,000 Holy Smoke!!! I looks like he is paying taxes in every country. US Sales Tax, Canadian Sales Tax(Provincial and Federal Governement), Import Tarrifs for US to Canada and Canada to Norway. I know that if i were Canadian and bought a car in the US, I would have to wait like 2 years before I can bring it into Canada. Otherwise I would have to pay a huge penalty.
Just imagine if kjempen bought a Hummer!!
I dont have to pay tax for the car in us or canada.
Its only Norwegian Tax :7:
The goverment are crazy !! We call them communist light !!
But we trick them by changing the springs ! And make the av. a heavy truck. And when its a heavy truck the av is free for tax :) :) :)
What part of Norway? I know some people in Bergen.

They work for a company called Data Instrument.
I am living in Oslo 500 kilometres from Bergen ( The rainy city)
Can you document how you ordered your AV and what it took to ship it. I remember when I was in the service, they shipped my car from Germany to states for free. Had to wait over 45 days for it to arrive by boat.
Yes it rains all the time in Bergen! ;D
Bergen sounds very much like Seattle. There is a large Scandinavian community here. It is possible to visit many small markets in the Ballard neighborhood where Norwegian is spoken and English is a second language.