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Avalanche CAR

The Fastback has a nose on it that resembles a Pontiac. Could that make it a Trans-AV?

I like the overall style, but a 1.5L putting out about 90HP is not enough for any car to me...

I would love to see Chevy start making the El-Camino again (and an El-Camino SS :cool: ). I think it would be a good time for them to do it. There has been talk of them possibly re-introducing the El-Camino on a Holden platform. I hope they do it.
Just what I was thinkink. Shrink it a little mote, throw it up in the box and you have your run about for the campground and golf cart. Sort og like a ladies purse within a purse??
I wonder if you could immport this Malaysian car?


I would be interested in test driveing it.

Hey, Skidd ~ how are they? ?Look's like they go for $16k down in Australia.