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Avalanche Front Clip Vs. EXT

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If you were so inclined, could you swap the headlight assemblies from an EXT into an Av?
Nope. Part of the "aggressive" stance the front clip of the Av has is due to the hood lines and how the marker lights look like "eyes." The EXTs just have to big of a box, IMHO. IT makes the front end look so much squarer. The lines are much stiffer compared to the Av. But that is definitely the new styling cues Cadillac is using.

I agree with Jamie. Caddy is going for a family "face" in their models. Nothing shows that better than the Caddy web page which has the XLR, CTS and EXT lined up. The Caddy lights are more of a vertical slit whereas the AV and the Chevy truck line go for the horizontal look.

People have talked about replacing the whole front clip from an EXT onto an AV, but (without throwing stones at my fellow modders), that way lies madness... :)
Now why would somebody want to go and do something like that?
kcZ96 said:
Now why would somebody want to go and do something like that?
Pardon my rusty French, but chaque ? son go?t, or to each his own... :)

We like to stand out a little bit, else we might not buy something like an AV. Then you have to change some things to make it your own; it's just that some people like to change things more than others... :)
If you look at any of the truck magazines (primarily the street truck magazines) you'll see many examples of trucks that have the Caddy face grafted onto them. It's actually becoming very common and while quite possible to do to an Av, the real question is, "why?" You'd end up with an EXT-wannabe and it would confuse people who don't know what the vehicle is and those that do know would just laugh at the half-breed you spent a pile of money on to create.

That's my opinion. Your mileage may vary.