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May 28, 2002
Floresville, TX
I have seen pics of the decal that has 4 mountin peaks and then under the pic it has the AVALANCHE logo I have seen it in BIGRED's Pic but he can't remember the name of the company do any of you guys know?
This is what it looks like...

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
That looks nice I have to get one of those what do you think would look the best on my AV I have the Z71 and a pin strip that is the same gray color my AV is Summit White
thanks for your help I think the Silver is the color I want so it will match the Z71 decal how do you put them on (center them do they send you templates?)
No templates, I used a 1' wide piece of masking tape lined the bottom of the tape with the bottom of the cladding and carried the tape over to the top of the window sash. Centered the logo with the backing still on, and laid a piece of tape on the front edge of the paper for the logo to mark the front. Clean the area REAL well before you do anything.
Well I just orderd my decals tonight at 8:50pm so do any of you guys know how long it will take for them to get to La Grande OR I hope to have them here to give to my AV for a Christmas Gift :love: :rolleyes:
The larger size makes a good bed logo as well. I ordered the same logo in the size 4x12.25 and put them where the Z71 or Z66 logos go. Think it looks pretty good.

I ordered mine on a Tuesday and got an e-mail on Wednesday that they had been shipped and they were in the mail box on Saturday so I'm thinking that you should have your's by Monday or Tuesday.

Mod On :D
I'd be very interested in a gold one as well. Would that work for the back window?

I'd rather put it on glass than over paint.
Since they are vinyl, I would say that is fine. I have the club sticker on my front window and it sticks just fine in that location.

I also ordered them for my Pewter Z66. They look good. I used red to match the Z66 logo. I have gold pinstripes, but you really cant see them on the Pewter paint. They were a breeze to put on.

Check the attachment ;D


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I've got the silver ones on my Av and I used the above mentioned tape method, worked GREAT!

I beat all of you on shipping though, had mine next day. Of course Streamline is only 35 miles from here though.

you mean to tell me I could have had mine tomarrow for a few more $$ :8: I am going on a cruise on sunday and I was hoping to over nite them but I did not see any were that said I could :6:
What color decal should I get for a black Av? Silver to match the Z-71 decal? I don't have any other decals/lettering on the Av yet. The dealer decal was in gold, which I thought looked cool on the black tailgate.
jamie said:
Just ordered mine as well - Gold Metallic to match my gold cladding detail.


Jamie - where is your gold cladding detail? The letters on your Av cladding look like they are colored black. I'm trying to decide between a silver, white or gold mountain logo for my black Av.
Yeah, I have to update my Av portion of my website. They were black letters from, Stripeman. But they started to peel so I blew em off using the pressure wash at my local coin-op car wash.

Here are my gold cladding letters. Used a Testor's enamel paint pen - about $3.50.

right rear
left rear

SWEET! I'm gonna go buy myself a gold paint pen!

Any more info or suggestions such as specific paint color name, application procedures, number of coats, cladding prep, where can I buy the paint pen, etc? Any help would be appreciated.
Yes any and all info would be greatly appreciated. spectron65 gave me some info,(thank you again)I am going to look for the paint pens today!
You gave 'em the ole pavement test.
They still do look good. Now make sure you tell the body shop not to mess them up when they are straightening you pillars. ;D
ordered my decals for warning labels on visors..looks great
well worth the money....ordered tuesday installed fri afternoon ..great mod thanks...