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Avalanche Out Of Alignment On Delivery


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Jan 10, 2002
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If your Chevrolet Avalanche feels like it is out of alignment (pulling to the left or the right on flat pavement) it may be.

Some pull at highway speed is normal. Most roadways have a crown on them, higher in the center and sloped down at the sides to allow water to flow out of the travel lanes. If you're on a wide interstate, that crown may result in a lean to one direction. However if your Avalanche is pulling hard you may be able to get Chevrolet to do something about it.

When vehicles are delivered from the distribution center they are chained down on trucks. The chains are pulled taught so the new Avalanches don't bounce on their springs and rip themselves apart. However this process can knock your Avalanche out of alignment.

If you are having alignment problems and your Chevrolet Avalanche has between 500 and 7,500 miles on it, your local Chevrolet dealer will do an alignment for free. All you have to do is contact your dealer and let them know about the problem, service managers are aware of this program.

When you take yours in for the alignment check have them see what their opinion is on the side-tilt to the left. I think you had mentioned somewhere before that you have this problem also with the vehicle not sitting level on the chassis. I have posted this on the Town Hall Board and several have had torsion bar adjustments to level the vehicle side-to-side. I am trying to get the real scoop on this situation because mine is going back to the dealer next Friday for the second go round on this one! Thanks a bunch! ;D
If so, did you remember to ask your service manager about the tilting to the left issue which makes the vehicle look out of level when viewing it from the rear?

Reason I ask this afternoon is that I am going back in tomorrow morning for them to check this situation again. Last time they did the free alignment - but the vehicle still tilts noticeably to the left. Best info I have been able to get was off the Town Hall Board where one guy had to have the torsion bar radically adjusted on the left side of the vehicle to get rid of the tilt.

Thanks for any update you can provide! :)
Most AV's are 1/2" low on the driver side - go look at a row at a dealer - just crank up the torsion bars 2-3 turns and measure - drive 50 miles and get an alignment -remember to measure to the frame.
Bringing this to the top for an update - found a site that gives you the scoop on the torsion bars and options.

Chanes 2500HD

This is Chanes 2500HD - great reference stuff there :)
irontrain said:
Does anyone know if this applies to owners of the 2003 Av's as well?

I will check with my contact on this - HOWEVER because there were no changes in the suspension I would say - yes it would apply at first blush.
I noticed this problem when I took delivery of my truck and they told me to drive it for 3k-4k miles and let them know if the problem adjusted itself. They said sometimes the springs compress and take a while to come back to form. I have 3400 miles and the problem has lessened, but is still not perfect. I am going to make a trip to the dealer soon, I'll let you know how it turns out...
I had this problem w/ my '03 and took it back to the dealer after 4500 miles. They aligned it and also told me it was because the carriers crank down really hard on those chains. The longer you drive it out of wack, of course the problem will sort of go away...the tire is wearing itself. Take it in as soon as you can...I wish I would of a lot sooner. They should make it a practice to align b4 delivery to save us the trouble. It doesn't take that long to do. Apparently a problem with the Tahoe as well.
i had this problem with my '02 Z-66. it was out of alignment when i first got it. i took it back to the dealer, but they did not have the spec's. once they got them from GM they called me in, and took care of the problem. :B:
I too had this problem. All dealers are not apparently not aware that they should do the free alignment though. I called one to schedule mine and they told me it was not covered under warranty. Called another and they said it was......took it to them...FIXED.