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Avalanche: The Third Dimension



went to the friday night cruise night here in fort lauderdale fla last night..... thought I'd out smart the other avs by..... wash job before i left, and then what the heck, pull the bed panels, stow therear window, and drop the midgate and go as a true av ... in full change... heck, as I was pulling in I saw dj, midgate down and at least 6 smiling faces recognizing another av ok heres the 3-D aspect as I got out on the interstate I realized I could hear the traffick, and see the cars more clearly, like in 3d I could feel the wind change thru the truck when somebody came by and had a closer feeling to the road. my old gto convertiblr gave a sensation like this, and my 72 k-5 was fun with the top off. but hey avrs on a special day or night, pull it all off, take off the tailgate, put somebody special in the passenger seat and go riding in full av configuration... tell me if you dont get thet 3-d feeling that only an av can give back to you nothing else out ther will give you back this av-3d go riding and get change!!! you will be glad you did.... tell me what you think..... av....3-d
JRYTHER, i STILL HAVE THE PANELS AND TAILGATE OFF AND HAVE"DROPPED" THE MG 3OR4 TIMES TODAY PULLED THE SAND RAIL AND GOT PICS THRU THE BACK WITH THE TAILGATE OFF...... I,M GONNA treat all the rubber, bring the rear window in to the kitchen sink to clean it dress the bed mat and superclean the bed metal floor..... in between rides thru town all weekend as av got change ....
jryther, i forgot what you said is........VERY INTERESTING the seat is so far forward its hard to get in and out , but driving is ok I realized this last night on the cruise, and I think, maybe if youi yank off the rear seat headrests you can move the seat back some more...I wonder if there has been a topic like this...........with midgate down, front seats must be moved too far forward..........you know what...... just to be able to drive my av any way i can is payback from chevy for thinking up the av..............j sometimes I do ask why ... imagine a two door av.....hot rod like the typhoons and stuff midgate go other way!!!!!!!!!!
jryther, i started a topic about when midgate down front seat have to move up, and I knew with all the confidence in the world that somebody would give info on how to remove rear headrests and its already there. im gonna go pull them and see if it makes enough diierence when midgate down. ........hey how did the4 inch lift kit work out were there major mods ---crossmembers and all??? got a pic???
My experience has been that you only need to move the seats forward in order to actually fold the rear seat. Once they're folded, I've been able to move the front seats back just fine. I've found that there's no need to drive with the front seats in the wrong position!

-- SS
jryther, and shapeshifter, i pulled the rear headrests in 2 minutes, i used a small allen wrench, like the post said a paper clip wont quite do it,,, you can feel the spring in their and you kinda gotta make syre to keep the first side you release up off the detent when you release the other side. shape, i have trouble laying the seat down when its set normal,, if I was thinking ive got the seat memory, with two positions and could set it to go forward. but i dont want to run the seat back and put pressure on the upholstery pulling the headrests is ez, now that i know thanks to the av clubs response and i found another place to clean tomorrow////// riding seats down midgate down just for the heck of it three days in a row, tailgate in garage since friday!!! goin riding ... gone
jryther the lift kit looks real good, not overdone your truck sits level now, was the rancho kit only the front??? i guess ill go to ranchos web to check it out, cause i want that level look,, will need tires in 10k and want to do them together i guess its ez er to change the oil now... are there any drawbacks that you have found after you put in the lift??? one thing i noticed for sure this weekend was if your midgate is down and the tailgate off you can see out back a .....lot... better
Since I am a new AV owner, two weeks. Explain removing panels, ist it difficult? and hoe hard to put back?. I'm looking for an easy way to get a new 12v wire run for my boat winch and maybe this will allow me better access to putting the wire up in the cargo area
jrther and warwivk,,,any lifted truck is a Big truck... i have seen a step that goes over the tire with straps, and you stand about mid wheel , just right for washing!! i use a long handle brush for the roof!!.. build up the av club,,, hey does the turning radius change, with the lift!!................................................warwick i think you can get 12 from the trailer hitch plug, watch the amp draw.... did you get a "jumper" harness in the glove box whe n you got the av mine has a big.... fuse, and i am looking to install it and get 12 v out back...... I hate to mention the forb brand oe trucks, but on the explorer sporttrack there is a factory 12 volt panel, cut out and socket with waterproof door i bet we can find them ...check it out do wiring neat, AND protected with fuse or circuit breaker!