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Avalanche Toys/Models



Anyone else have any of the AV toys. For those that do not know, there are 1/64th, 1/24th, and 1/18th scale model toys the Avalanche. There are also some others such as radio control and monster truck type toys of the Avalanche.
The 1/24th scale come in blue. white. black, and red. They have a removable bed cover, opening front doors, hood, tailgate, and a working midgate.

The 1/18th scale are available in blue. red, black, and pewter. Here is a picture of a blue one -

Both the 1/24th and 1/18th scale are marked as 2001 models - looks like the manufacturers of these jumped the gun.
There are also some 1/64th scale Maisto cars being sold in Tonka packages and speed wheel packages. These are similar to the promotional ones from GM.

There is also a special edition Olympic torch version in pewter.
We have a link to the Nikko Radio Controlled monster truck Avalanche on the site. I believe it is 1/16 scale. Ugh! I want the blue Kelly Collectible!

(anyone who wants to send me one as gracious thanks for this website, can send it too...)

On another board someone had suggested diecastauto.com. I called there and ordered one, but they were out of stock, and unkown when they would get more, so I cancelled my order with them and went to E-bay at www.ebay.com.

I purchased a 1:18 scale Blue AV at a good price and had it in three days (I bought it from an auction by JNMotorsports). I also saw the 1:24 scale models sold both individually and in sets of four. Just go to E-bay and search on "Chevy Avalanche" and "Chevrolet Avalanche" and you'll find dozens of people offering them, and they're in stock.

For those of you who haven't used E-bay before, it's a great place to find all sorts of collectibles. Look around before you make a bid, check the sellers feedback rating, compare prices on items that seem similar (if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!). Over the past couple years I've purchased approximately forty to fifty 1:64 scale diecast semi's and have never been burned if I follow these guidelines.
I have all of colors of the 1/24th and 1/18th scale AVs. I bought them all on eBay. I am a big eBay user.
I picked up the Tonka version of the Maisto 1/64th at Walmart and K-Mart. I picked up the Speed Wheels version at Walgreen's.
For an easier search on eBay, you can use an * as a wildcard in your item search, ie. CHEV* AVALANACHE will search for anything that starts with CHEV like CHEVY, CHEVIE, CHEVROLET, CHEV etc.
Parts, real AVs, wheels, literature are available on eBay.
As stated in previous post, check and read the feedbacks of the sellers to avoid problem.
I bought 2 sets of the 1/24th from JNMotorsports and was very happy with service. The 1/18th scale came from 2 others.
The Maisto's are more of a dark red rather than orange. It is the only color I have seen them in. The SPeed Wheels is the some color. The Tonka version has a purple tint to it with some additional graphics.
???OKie ...I'm sorry too disagree with you ,BUT my promo Maisto is burnt ORANGE :rolleyes:
Around Christmas time I found a 1:6 scale Av. on the net. This thing was about 29 inches long. At that time Sears, KB Toys and Toys-R-Us was saleing it. You can see it at.