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Avalanche Troop Carrier


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Feb 3, 2002
Quincy, IL
Did anyone else catch the TV program on last night. There was a bunch of guys playing war games and they were being transported be a convoy of Avalanches.
The program was also sponsored by the Chevy Avalanche.
Don't ask my the name of the program. I was just surfing the channels and found it. :rolleyes:
I found what the program was. It was a special called War Games on TBS 8:00 to 10:00 central time 03-27-02.

I've never seen so many dirty Avalanche in one place.
It was GREAT! :eek:
along these same lines, is a TV show called "Combat Missions" it is sponsored by the Avalanche. It is a "survivor" type show that pits special forces teams against each other. The losing team votes a member out, and an Avalanche comes and picks them up.
I was watching the news last month and they started talking about the War in Afganistan. I could sware I saw US Forces in Avalanches. They were not hummers. Is there anyone else who has seen the Avalanche being used by the US military?