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Avalanche Vs. Ram Vs. Wife


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Feb 14, 2002
Leduc, Alberta, Canada
Within two days of taking possession of my Avalanche, clients at our land surveying company began asking who owned it, and upon being pointed in my direction, we began playing 20 questions. ?It is quite satisfying to know that people are so interested in the vehicle and approve of it; while I purchased the vehicle for its utility, a part of me still feels good that others appreciate it as well.

More humorous was the response I received when visiting my parents in a more rural community. ?I went out to the truck after visiting my sister downtown, and an older gentleman in a Dodge Ram was parked alongside. ?He asked, "What the _hell_ is that?" in a real surprised tone. ?I told him that it was an Avalanche, to which he replied, "Holy sh!t!" ?We laughed and spoke for a few minutes, discussing things including price, until his wife returned. ?He pointed and told her it was an Avalanche, and then joked that he was going to trade her in for one because it was less expensive. ?She quickly pointed out that he would only be able to do that if she didn't trade him in for one first. ? ;)

This is all within the first month of owning the vehicle; I am sure that over the next few weeks, similar incidents will continue to occur, until word of them is more widespread.

Just thought you may appreciate my stories. :)

Funny! Can I trade in the ex-wife for a brush guard???
I wish it was possible! The dealership I bought my Avalanche from has the 'official' Avalanche brush guard sitting in the back, and I am very tempted to pick it up. But my Visa wouldn't like it, I'm afraid. :(
DUDE - go down to Parts for Sale or Trade. Someone is trying to sell their brush guard (OEM GM for 1500) for $352... probably won't hurt as much as what the dealer will charge!
Thanks for the heads up! Now to scrape out my bank account and see what I can find. :)