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Avalanche Wins "Interior Of The Year"


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Jan 23, 2002
New Jersey
It was in todays paper here in New Jersey. " Chevrolet Avalanche, and Ford Thunderbird win 2002 Interior of the Year awards." These awards were given by Auto Interiors Magazine. The judging was based on the following criteria: Appearance, Functionality, Innovation, and overall impression of the vehicle in motion and at rest. The other finalists in the truck catagory were the Lincoln Blackwood, and the Honda CR-V. The winners and finalists will all be profiled in an upcoming issue of Auto Interiors Magazine. The Magazine also recognized the suppliers for the components of the winners. The write up on the magazine states that the magazine was launched in Jan. of 94. It is a monthly publication serving the automotive interiors industry. Now thats cool! First the Av. gets Truck of the Year, now an Interior award. Can't wait to see the Ford Truck Boys at work ;)!
Thanks for the information. Further proof the GM is definetly going down the right path.

Everyone I have given a ride or taken a dollar from has always commented on how roomy and how the interior is. I personally find the seats much more softer and comfortable than the leather I had in my 99 Expedition.

Kudos to our beloved Av

Another award link and another feather in the Avalanche's cap!
<i>and overall impression of the vehicle in motion and at rest</i>

I like my AV a lot but who cares about this?

I couldn't agree more. The interior is awesome in the Av. I have experienced the same thing as Jamie. Everyone comments on how comfortable and spacious my Av is. I've gone on 2 overnight fishing trips recently and I was actually concerned that I may fall asleep on the way home (like all my passengers have).
The best thing about the Ave's interior is the amount of room you have without the interior looking too plain. They even give you 3 cubby holes to fill up with whatever gadgets you want. Now that's an option worth it's weight in gold.
Thanks for the info.

It's nice to have my opinion (and that of those who have ridden in my Av) validated. And it's a nice tribute to the engineers and design team at GM who have given us a vehicle so unique and desirable.
Likewise, I have received nothing but kudos on the Av's interior, especially the amount of space in the cab. My kids don't even fight much in the backseat due to the separation between them.

As far as the bed and midgate, we all know that blows away the competition!
Yep Love that interior :love:

It is laid out so well and it is very comfortable. We got the bench seats so we could hold 6 people, so... I can only imagine how nice the bucket seats must be.