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AVS (Av Withdrawal Symptom)


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Jan 18, 2002
New Jersey - Exit 5
I was so happy the day I bought the Av and drove it home from the dealer and around town for a couple days. ?But then things got worse. ?I finally came to the realization that the Av was the wife's car, and not my daily commuter. ?Last week I only got to drive the Av on the weekend. ?It was a very long week without the Av. ?I guess I have to make excuses for using the Av. ?Maybe I'll go to the Home Depot in the next county over, since our Home Depot is only a mile away! ?On the other hand, my wife tells me every day how she is enjoying the Av. ?That's just not fair!

The other problem is that driving in my commuter car is so bland now. ?I used to enjoy that car very much until I bought the Av. ?Now nothing measures up. ?It is so sad. ?Maybe I should complain to Chevy because of my dilemna. ?Or maybe I should do like others have done on this site and buy a second Av just for me. ?It's only an equity loan away......

No doubt about it, a second Av is in order. The first one must have been a girl Avalanche, so you really need a boy Av.

Gotta be big and have enough mods that it is definitely YOUR Av.

I wish you good luck in convincing you better half that another Avalanche is in order. If she's anything like my wife (a hunting and fishing fool), she will see the total wisdom of the two-Av concept.

Best, Steve
uhhh, G-Man, if your analysis means that I have the "girl" version (a 1500), we is gonna throw down . . .

Whoever is first two acquire 'his-n-hers' Av's, with appropriate vanity plates of course, please post pictures! They'd sure look cool in the driveway!
Hmm...No chance of that happening here..my fiance is completely happy with her VW and doesn't care much for the AV.... :(