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Back Up Camera for TNR HU...


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Jul 10, 2006
Hey guys, I need to ask a question. I believe that I've read some where around here that you can add a back up camera to a oem tnr nav hu. Is this correct? If so, does it come on automatically when the truck is put into reverse? Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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I just bought a cubbycam, so I have the extra screen where the traction control use to be on my '03.  Can't wait to install it.  What year AV you have?
I am not too good with electronic stuff, but check out Supermobile at

He sells a backup camera system.  His pic shows a HU, and he states that if yours does not look like the one pictured, it will not work.  Hope this helps.
You can install the RGB adapter from PAC (order the VCI-GM2 from a site-support retailer) or, the equivalent. That will provide you with video in from your camera, which is slaved to the back-up lights voltage source. Alternately one can connect another video source for entertainment.

Reverse view cameras are available from several vendors here. Just don't go for a cheepie! Low light sens and resolution are features you don't want to ignore just for a "better" price.

Thanks for the info sperry. But do you know if the screen automatically comes on when shifted into reverse and turns off when back in drive?