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Bad Day... Got Me A Laugh!


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Mar 10, 2002
New Orleans, Louisiana
I was driving to work this morning in a particularly crapping mood due to personal problems, when i hear a horn toot. I look to the side, and this guy is waving a dollar bill at me. For a split second i had a quizzical look, but promptly realized what he meant. As i started to smile, he mouthed, "Change for a dollar."

I immeditally pointed at him with a laugh and he gave me a thumbs up.

I laughed to myself as i kept driving, thinking that my vehicle and attention from a perfect stranger brightened my day.
I had a similar experience a few days ago.......only this guy was a bit confused. He asked "Hey, that thing got a Hemi?"

I just laughed and noted that Chrysler makes the Hemi.
I have not had ONE person wave any money at me! All I get is the "Hey, is that thing as easy to change as they make it look on TV?"

I look at them and say......."Well, if you have 2 people and nothing in the back seat or the bed........I'm sure it is".......then the usual "Oh, I see" response.......and that's it, no money, no dinero, not even a dime! :eek:

Guess I'll have to keep making the payments myself! >:D
This happens to me nearly everyday. I have met so many strangers with the Av, I can't believe it. More even then on my Harley.
Well it was that or he was just dying to get rid of that specific dollar bill....personaly I would go with your suggestion....glad to see he lifted your spirits... :B:
man if i got a dollar every time i changed my av...i'd have like a ten spot by now...only had it a couple months...
but seriously I've not been recieving money...maybe i should just cruise around slow looking for potential dollar donors...might be a good way to meet girls too