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Bad Smell


SM 2003
Full Member
Jul 18, 2002
Whenever I get near a Bus / Truck I instantly get their exhaust smell in my AV. I thought we had some type of carbon filter, etc., but the smell seems much more noticeable than in my 97 Tahoe.

Any thoughts or does this sound normal for the AV.
The stock filters are plain cotton (or something very similar.) I just replaced mine for the first time and they were *filthy!* When ordering replacements, get two boxes, one plain and one with charcoal, and install one of each in the cabin.

Another note on this type of problem, I noticed something similar shortly after stopping for lunch at Taco Bell. I'm not sure how related it is but... :rolleyes:
How many miles had you gone before replacing the filter? Has the charcoal one made any difference? Do they have any HEPA-type filters that fit in there?

Also, I read in another thread about something similar to that Taco Bell problem. It was a little different though in that I recall that the uphostery was also damaged. You can find the details here.

To get the true benefit of filtered air you have to have the cabin air set to recirc. That is the climate control button that shows the air swirling around inside the icon of a pickup truck versus coming in from the outside. Also when you run recirc you need to run the A/C compressor or the windows will fog up.