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Base Camp Package


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Jun 23, 2002
Nashville, TN
Some people are into Performance options (and I will do some of these), some are into Appearance options (and I will do some of these too), and there are those of us that REALLY want multimedia, but my passion is the outdoors. Now I now this is extreme but I would love to recreate the Base Camp package that travels the auto circuit. At first I considered leaving my North Face AV stock but after reading postings from everyone at CAFCNA I thought NAH!!!... more fun to mod. So my goal is to set my AV up as if it was going to enter the Paris to Dakar rally or could live in the outdoors for months at a time. Maybe I could even get The North Face company to be a part...Project North Face.....

Anyway, anyone got any info on the Base Camp package? Attached are some websites that I found.


Most of the mods should be easy to find. The tent is supposedly made by a company named Vehma. The only Vehma I found is in Troy, MI and I thought they were part of Magna Int (who is an unbelievably huge Tier 1 supplier to everyone). But they are not on the Magna website so that was a dead end. www.magnaint.com (Magna does have a division Decoma that makes hard tonneau covers, maybe even Avs',. They even have a three piece unit with a number 1 panel that hinges up for access). Anyway I digress. I thought if there is anywhere to get this info on Base Camp it is from the group.



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I wish you luck in your efforts. I wish I could add more information.

The Tent, could probably be manufactured fairly easy by any tent making company. It seems to be just straight sided components.

The Tailgate... I would start searching salvage yards for a AV tailgate. Then, you could cut it up and modify it to match the base camp (stove sink etc..) tailgate.

All in all, I wish Chevy would make these parts available. The Basecamp tent looks roomier than the igloo/domed tent currently available. The stove and sink in the tailgate looks really cool, but you would need to keep your stock tailgate if you ever wanted to haul anything.
Truth be told, if you ever do a project like this is is probably more a marketing tool than functional vehicle. The tailgate would have to be stored when not in use, the tent overhangs the coleman stove and what do you do with gray water?

Goo - I saw the Base Camp vehicle two years ago at the NAIAS. Had I known I would own my North Face AV this early I would have taken pics of the framing system for the tent. That is the key...I can get the fabric structure made easily through some of my vendors or possibly Norrth Face themselves. The other mods do not seem overly unrealistic. although not cheap.

There is a unique company, Can-Back, from California,


that does a great frame and canvas cap for the back of pick up trucks. These system even holds an additional rack on top. I spoke to them a while back and they said an AV owner wanted one built. They said the storage bins would be lost in their current design. Would love to see how it turned out. I will get one but it will be for my 1ton.


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Thanks for all the input. The mattress for the AV ... is it set up like the matress for the Aztek with a billow pump built in? I am seeing more and more Pontiac Vibes on the road ...... makes me want to add a power inverter. I assume it makes sense to upgrade the alternater and add a second battery. Ashame that don't make a mini generator. We got to take the pontiac Aztek around two summers ago for the North Central region and people love the 12V outlets in the back, the rear sound controls and the built in compressor. They marketed it to the invidual with an active lifestyle....so why when they come out with a TRUE UUV did they forget to keep these features?

Someone talk to Ed Schoener!!

I will be buying raffle tix.
Crazy - that is the base camp setup. I have attached an additional pic so you can see the tailgate setup.

Goo - is there a way we can shorten the url to save you guys time?



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snowlep said:
Crazy ?- ?that is the base camp setup. ?I have attached an additional pic so you can see the tailgate setup.

Goo ?- ?is there a way we can shorten the url to save you guys time?

Yes ... follow the instructions I posted yesterday:

Image and URL Posting

I have been notified that the Base Camp Concept AV will be shown at the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Festival in Memphis this weekend (May 31/June 1) at the Agri Center. This will be an excellent opportunity to see this concept AV presented by Chevy.
There are some great ideas for base camp setups coming out of Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

This roof mounted tent fold in on itself and keeps all the bed space free. ?Accessable from ground level storage is a big plus when long term remote camping.


I too love the outdoors and would love to convert the AV into a great week long camper for the hunting season (and the scouting season, and the fishing season, oh and the exploring season...)
Anyone remember this AVY in 2002?
courtesy of GM






I was cruising the GM media pics...and this brought back memories to this thread...

Man that would be cool if they sold those options...

love the tailgate!
You?re right!  This would be a sweet. :eek: