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Beauty And The Beast...


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Feb 15, 2002
~ Beaumont, CA. ~
While hanging out with my buddy today, I decided to take a few photos of my AV with his 57 Nomad... Makes an interesting contrast huh?
Click on any photo for high resolution version...

You can decide which is the "Beauty" and which is the "Beast." Ha Ha... ;D
I'm very fond of them both. ;)

57 Nomad ~ 502 ~ Tuned Port Injection ~
~ Vortec Blower with Nitrous ~ Estimated 1100 HP :eek:

Nomad Engine Photos... One ?Two Three.
Great looking Nomad!!! Would love to have one. Avalanche looks great too. You wanna trade a 03 avalanche for the Nomad :rolleyes: :rolleyes: I wish.

You're killing me with those Nomad pics! I love them! You can't imagine how bad I wanted one for many years and the right combination of circumstances weren't in play. Someday, it will happen. I will get my Nomad!!!!! (My wife is sick of hearing this tune from me. Ha!)
Nice 'Mad! I'd like to go for a spin in something like that. My brother owned a '55 for several years. He was going to restore it until he found way more bondo in it than he bargained for and sold it. He wishes he had it back now.

Your Av is VERY NICE.......BUT.......In that picture the Nomad is the SWEETEST!!!

I too have wanted a Yellow Nomad with the intention of driving it and applying a radical flame job to it. I had a chance to get one in the early 90's, until my mechanic friend told me about all the body filler and putty that was holding the car together. :cry:

I did see a Concept Nomad that looked really futuristic. Oh well I win the lottery and the dreams will come true, if not the Nomad stay parked right next to the H1 and H2 Hummers......In my "Dream" garage.

ut oh could we have a spin of wing of CAFCNA-Nomad Dreamers.... ;D


Your killing me. I put my '55 Thunderbird on eBay about 9 days ago now. Its a shell I was restoring, but I need the money to close on my house. *sigh*....another dream lost.

I still have my '62 Thunderbird. I guess it now has a garage to call home.
Great photos... but I'd go with the av... the Nomad is way to low to crouch down into for us big blokes. Give me seat height any day. (y)
What the He_ll Does he have under the wood to warrant such large meats in the back :eek:
flynhigh said:
What the He_ll Does he have under the wood to warrant such large meats in the back ?:eek:

502 cid with an estimated 1100hp according to the text at the bottom of the post. Leave it to an "old guy" to read the whole post! >:D
Yep. I have seen Cindy's Av in person... not to bad (y)