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Bed Tent In The Rain

Kids got me a tent for my birthday but we haven't used it in the rain yet. We've installed it and did the home camping thing. worked fine. tonyd
umm i have had it in the rain held up really well I did have the rain cover on though
Mellow Yellow said:
Anybody been caught in a rain storm in the bed tent? How did hold up ???
I borrow Chasman's Avalanche bed tent occasionally. (I hope to buy my own this spring!) The first time it rained, it was flawless. The second time, I was with two dozen friends on a group camping trip and was in too much of a hurry to put the tent up and I didn't stretch the fly sheet over the end of the tent and woke up with wet feet in a sleeping bag. So it works great! Just take your time and make sure you put the fly sheet on properly. :)