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BEDSLIDE QA mods etc

I purchased one from them about three months ago....Best money I have ever spent . However, if you do a lot of heavy hauling be ready to install an additional 10 ball bearings on the slides. The whole things actually can take up to I believe 28 ball bearings but they only install 16 or 18, installing all 28 makes the shelf slide really smooth. Also, you will loose about 3 inches on the sides, the actual usable space is 45 inches wide by about 56 inches long.

John -

Two questions;

How far will it slide out -- I mean the whole range of motion, how much does it move?

Is it completely removeable? (No drilling on the install, right?)



I just went and took some measurements.....

Overall length: 56"
Overall width: 48"
Useable length: 55.5"
Useable width: 45"
Shelf Height: 4" ( Loose this much from overall height)
Travel dist: 40.5" ( I did a mod to bring mine to 48.5")

The 40.5" travel distance is actually how much the bed actually slides out, I did a mod on mine to slide it out 48.5", though it may not seem a big difference, those 8" makes it much more comfortable to get to the very end of the shelf.
As for installation... it is attached with 2 brackets (one on each side) to the front lower tie downs, no drilling whatsoever is required, when you need to remove it, just slide out and remove the shelf first, then open the midgate and remove both brackets and slide out the frame. I have done it all by myself, though it is much easier with 2 persons.
Also, the deck is covered with some cheap commercial carpet, however, you may wish to install a rubber bed mat on it ( I did ) otherwise any and every thing you put back there will be sliding all over. By the time you are thru with it, figure you may have spent another $100 on top of whatever you paid for it.

Let me know if I can be of further help.

Thanks for the info, John. Apparently they have one now that has a spray on bedliner type material that I am guessing would serve as the rubber mat.

My only other question is -- is there a way to get a deal on these?

Thanks again.

forget overpay-bay. :p


I think the model 2525 is the one that fits the Av, but don't quote me on that (in fact, they don't show an Av application on their web site, perhaps the gentleman with the unit can pull a part # off of it for us) - 599 plus shipping. as someone else posted they come in carpeted and weather deck variants. I bet you can find it cheaper since that is the manuf. sugg list, perhaps calling any one of the dealers they list on the site (they have a local dealer locater feature) will result in a better price.

Perhaps you may now... I was one of the first to purchase the AV model when they came out, back then there were no negotiations. I don't remember exactly how much I paid, but I do remember it was in the high $600 inc. freight.


Sorry.. tried finding the invoice to get you the part number but don't have it anymore and there is no model # on the unit.

Purchased my first one the 3rd week of January. Since then we bought 3 more. When calling out there, ask for Steve. ( He's the Tech Guy) Had several conversations with him & I would think he would go for Group Discount for some web advertising or just the honor of supplying more of our great trucks.

As was someone else posted, out of all the mods I have on the truck, this was by far the best money I spent on the truck. It holds about 1100 lbs evenly distributed, and comes out with 1 bolt removal.

I ordered a Bedslide for my Avalanche today. ?The model number for the Weatherdeck version is FFW 3050 XL.

As Guest John said, the carpet looks and feels like you'd soon replace it with something else (plus we would get deer and elk blood ALL over it). ?The carpeted version was considerably less expensive than the Weatherdeck.

Because of our hunting application, we opted for the ?Weatherdeck. ?Looks like reinforced multi-ply plywood with Rhinohide sprayed on it. ?The finish is a bit slicker than the rubber mat that comes with the AV, but that might not be a bad thing.

The best price I could get here in Portland, OR was $668. ?From what others on this board has said, we'll soon forget the price and totally enjoy the Bedslide.

It will be here in about a week before the Bedslide is delivered to my dealer and I will report my reactions when it is installed.

Oh, one question I forgot to ask:
Can we still leave our rubber mat in place? ?Hope someone can answer.

good morning AVr's.......Just had a very pleasent experiece i thought i would pass along....Ordered the Bedslide from IFW....TAlked to a gentleman named Keith..He misquoted me a price and when i got the comfirming invoice i discovered it....I called him to ask about this and he apologized and is issueing me a credit for the difference, $120.00. It is a pleasure to deal with folks like this....Highly reccomend the product and the company.....
Let us know how the install goes, and how you like the results. I've thought of this option every time I have to go crawling to the back of the bed to pull stuff out.

My only hesitation is that it seems a bit harder to take advantage of the 8 foot length with the midgate down when the bedslide is installed. Maybe not thought - expecially when considering the thread where the midgate doesn't lie flat anyway. Can long items be put over the back end of the bedslide. The slide could then be used to help pull them out to a more accessable position.

Hmmmm . . . have to think more seriously about this option.
Hi guys,

Don't mean to butt in, but I have a Bedslide in my Avalanche and it is the best money I ever spent on an accessory of any type.

Installation is extra easy. Partially unscrew the two front lower tie-down Torx bolts, slide the slotted clips under, locate the Bedslide framework and tighten the Torx bolts. Obviously, all done with the drawer of the Bedslide out.

Total install takes maybe fifteen minutes.

The drawer can be removed by loosening a bolt that is on the rear passenger side (?" wrench).

Yes, you can still haul plywood and other eight foot stuff. The bed is not flat anyway. I usually put a couple of 2X4s over the bedslide, to act as a base, and it makes it easier to get the plywood out.

The Bedslide is expensive as hell, but totally worth it.

Best price I could find was $668.00 for the Bedslide with Weatherboard (high grade plywood sprayed with something like Rinohide).

The standard model is exactly the same except that it has a lower grade of plywood that is covered with a cheapish carpet. We hunt and I'd for sure get blood all over it, so the carpet was out. Price on the basic was $548.00.

If I had to do it over again, I'd opt for the basic one. Then, I'd pitch the plywood and make my own "drawer bottom."

Locally, we can buy "Russian plywood." It's gorgeous, both sides clear (probably birch), 9-ply, ?-inch exterior plywood. Costs a whopping $20.00 per sheet.

After I cut the 45"X55" piece, I'd take it to one of the places that sprays pickup beds. An alternate would to be to buy the bed coating and roll it on (looks great). The whole thing would cost a lot less than the $120.00 difference and would be much nicer.

I smile every time we come back from Costco and roll all that stuff out of the bed. The rest of the world has to climb into their truck beds and here I am gently lifting the stuff out at waist level. You gotta love it. ;D

The Bedslide website is www.bedslide.com.

It's worth it.

Sounds like a potential mod for me. How much bed depth do you lose once the bedslide is installed (i.e. how far off the stock bed does this thing stick up)?
I had posted this in another spot earlier. I have had my Bedslide since January & since then purchased 4 more for fellow Avers.

Had dealings with Steve at Bedslide, he is the Tech Guy out there.

As everyone else posts, best money I have ever spent on the truck. (even better than my GPS !)

Nothing but good things to say about IFW Bedslide.
How is the back end (the tailgate end) supported, if it only attaches to the front tiedowns? Is the board running on rails (like a drawer), or are there rollers underneath the board?
Installation, as noted above is very simple....The back is not fastened to the truck....the whole slide part is built on a frame and raises the unit about 3=4 inches...You lose some head room....This has to be done because the tailgate is not level with the bed and it is the only way to get the slide over the tailgate.....Again, I am very pleased with the unit....
Bedslides on Ebay...been noticing some "EXT" bedslides on ebay that have a reserve at $489. I emailed and they would sell at that price. This looks like a good deal and from what I can see, it looks like a quality unit. I think they said it was made by IFW? Could be wrong. Maybe a good fathers day gift to myself.
Could one of you guys that has a bedslide post some pics showing the carriage unit and how it is attached?
Zeeya and dandan...if you guy figure one out that is easy to make...share it with everyone else...that has got to be next on my list of mods. :eek: