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Best Quick Cleaner...Lemon Pledge....YES


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Feb 5, 2003
Silver Spring, MD
I thought I would share an old motorcycle cleaning trick withyou all. ?I know there will be sceptics, but they will be converted once trying.

For several years now I have been using Lemon Scented Pledge wood cleaner on my motorcycle and cars. ?It does a great job on quick cleanups and leaves a nice light wax on the finish. ?It does a great job of removing those small swirlmarks on paint jobs (and chrome too ;D).

Now I know some of you are going to give me greif on this, but it really does work. ?Try it and come back to me ;D

BTW, I use a really soft rag to apply and dry off. ?I have a shoe sock I wear like a glove that I use one side to apply and one side to dry.

I have been doing this for years on my cars that I would enter in local car shows, mostly for under hood detailing and in the door jamb areas.
Quick, easy, & smells good too.
I remember seeing a product on the shelf of m/c dealers a few years back for quick detailing. The can was different, but it still smelled like lemons. It cost significantly more, to boot!

Do it as often as you like. It does not effect the clear coat at all. The product is made to be non abrasive for wood finishes...car paint is much much sturdier. The only problem is that you may get hit with more bugs ;D The lemon scent seems to attract bugs. Which sucks on a motorcycle ;D

S2000 make a product that works the same way. It is a quick detailing spray, but it cost 4 times as much and doesn't smell fresh ;D


Sounds like a winner!! I just detailed the AV this weekend, will have to break out Pledge for touch ups. Thanks for the tip.

Why not use a Quick detailer as the product is designed to do what you are describing....

Also Pledge has some solovents in it that will strip any wax you had on your paint and will eventually work its way into the clearcoat with the bad Silicones making any future body shop paint repairs a PIA.......

AMEN yg, not to mention how the silicone will remove ANY UV protectants in the paint or waxes used. The short term is it might be an easy way to clean your truck. The long term is its gonna help lead to premature fading. THEN how cheap was it really?

I never understood saving a couple of dollars on cleaners for toys that cost THOUSANDS!