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Billet Aluminum Sill Plates

*cough cough* has them *cough cough*




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I have a set of stainless sill plates, however, they came with some cheap double stick tape that, well, did not stick. I took the tape off and tried epoxy and this did not work either. I'm not sure what to do next. Anyone have any ideas? I was thinking liquid nails.

they are supposed to be attached (with the useless double-sided tape) to the plastic sill plate covers, which themselves attach to the sill with a few pressure clips - my advice, based on actual experience with billet aluminum sill plates ?;) is to locate some flat head (not wood, but machine) 1/2" screws with lock washers and nuts (two per plate) and drill two holes (centered) through the billet plates and thru the plastic covers, being careful to examine the underside of the plastic covers first to help in locating these screws out of the way of the clips, etc.

attach the billet plates to the (removed from the Av) plastic sill plate covers, leave the double-sided tape on as cushion and further adhesion, do not over tighten the screws to where you deform the metal, and once assembled plug the things back into the sill via the expansion clips on the bottom of the plastic plates.
Thanks for the tip. I thought about doing this, however, I don't want to change the smooth look of the plates and although two screws won't be dramatic, I want to save this as a last resort.

woodman said:
any one have pics of them installed? thx
lol, it's been a while, but if your still interested I just put these on today



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Very sharp looking.  Really curious regarding how the finish holds up.